What life choices were made in the making of this moment?

How did I get here? 

Sometimes this thought crosses my mind as my son flies thru the house running from his sisters, underwear on his head, toy firmly clenched in one hand. I practically spin like a cartoon character as they fly by. 

Other times this thought crosses my mind as I look out on the land we have, at the animals that support and sustain us and admire the beauty around me. 

And even still this thought crosses my mind when I cancel a night out or say no to another commitment because my family calls to me.

 There are all kinds of moments where I can reflect on how I got here. I can smile knowing the choices I’ve made have me in a pretty great place! I’m not perfect by any stretch, I’ve made my fair share of bad choices too! But even those got me here, had I done things differently I might not have learned the lessons I needed, and over all things would look different today. I am thankful for the choices I’ve made, both good and bad! 

 I  reflect sometimes knowing that I am not the only one who made choices that brought me to this moment, it’s always interesting to think about how other people’s actions and choices influence so strongly the moments in my life! 

Life is tough, life is wonderful, life is challenging, life is busy, life is smelly, life is sticky, life is beautiful, and I am so glad I’m in this moment, and I sure hope those underwear are clean! 

9 thoughts on “What life choices were made in the making of this moment?

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  2. Taking the time to reflect is so important. I think we tend to look back with regret but as you say, its our choices that brings us to the place that we are now. Its better to reflect, learn and then move on.


    • Yes reflection is very important, I just wish sometimes that I had a little more time to sit and think! 🙂 just when you get going on a good thought someone needs a snack 🙂 lol… but I guess getting to a place where I created the little person who needs that snack is something to ponder just the same! It feels circular sometimes!


  3. This is such a lovely way to look at life’s journey. I’ve made so many BIG mistakes, but instead of looking back with regret, I could recognise them as choices that led me to where I am today 😊. A simple change in perspective can make a HUGE difference.


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