Community Hearts

For anyone who follows me on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pintrest you know that last weekend we spent our time helping to put on the 2nd Annual Teepee Creek PBR Classic Presented by Lyons Production Services with Alpha Bull.

It was a blast; we worked hard with an amazing group of volunteers from the community who came together to pull the night off with rave reviews. We filled the building; the crowd watched the amazing show and then danced the night away to the live entertainment. The set up and take down of the entire show was all thanks to the hard work of a community full of people who can do amazing things.

PBR Set Up

But that is how we do things here. Events like this one and the Teepee Creek Stampede can’t come together without those volunteers, without the sponsors, and without the heart that lives in this community I am so happy to call home, this community I am so lucky to raise my family in.

And so I talk now about something else that is near and dear to the heart of this community. An event I have been proud to participate in and support for the last few years.

The Annual HD Ride 4 a Cure.

“One in every 7,000 Canadians has HD, a devastating, degenerative brain disorder. The symptoms are like having Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS in one disease. Every child of a parent with HD has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease. There is currently no cure.”

Our community comes together every year to support this organization, by hosting the Ride 4 a Cure. Runners, hikers, walkers, wagons, and horses head out on the trail completing 10-20 KM’s after campaigning for pledges for months leading up to the event itself. Followed by a dinner and auction event, where those from our area, and our families from afar donate items to the silent and live auctions.

Huntington Info Graphic

This August I will once again saddle up and ride the trail in support of this amazing cause. My donation website HERE is where you can help too, if you are interested in donating to support further research, and support to those effected by HD.

“To date, there are no drugs to slow or stop the progression of Huntington disease; however, there are specific drugs available to reduce some of the symptoms. Research is being conducted in Canada and globally to find promising treatments and approaches to treating HD.”


There are other options also to support like the Amaryllis Campaign, (you can watch my Amaryllis Video HERE,


Visit the WEBSITE for more information, on how to get involved or support.

Huntington Society of Canada

151 Fredrick St, Suite 400

Kitchener, ON N2H 2M2

P: 1.800.998.7398 F: 519.749.8965



As I say with anything you choose to support, make sure you do your research too. For me it is important to know that the dollars I am raising thru pledges, and donating myself are going to supporting those effected and their families, particularly in this case, that it is going to research to find a cure for this damaging disease. I hold likeness to any organization I choose to support. So I say again look at where your dollars are going if you are choosing to support something and make sure it lines up with your passions and priorities!



10 thoughts on “Community Hearts

  1. I love supporting causes like these. It is also very important to research the fund you are donating to as some people organize fundraisers for bogus charities, which I find heartbreaking.


    • Researching is really important, you are right there is so much out there and even the legitimate ones might not be directing your dollars where you would like to see them spent so it is important to check all that out! 🙂


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