Summer Vacation – One week until: Back To Work


I have had a relaxing and fun filled vacation. Many days spent with friends and family made my summer vacation amazing.  We had camp fires and visits on the deck. We made it to another auction sale although did not purchase anything this time around! I went on a short and quick but interesting road trip.               We celebrated a friend’s daughters 1st birthday; it was fantastic!  And new animals joined our farm (check out the Animals in the menu above!) Sadie Horse my new big beautiful horse and I are getting to know each other, Steve has rode her and this weekend I will have an opportunity to get on her too!


We also added 9 more piglets to our piggy family.The other ones are ready for Butcher and Steve and his friend are planning for the 20th.



The night after returning from the overnight riding trip we saddled up the horses again and headed out with friends to move some cows. It was only a couple of hours in the evening but it was a beautiful evening ride and went so smooth that we got to just relax riding the horses!



I spent time in the garden, however as the rain fell at such inconvenient times I was not able to get all the weeds out before they took over the peas and potatoes. We still have a good crop of each but have to sift thought the weeds a little to get to them. Each year the garden gets a little easier to handle but there is still a lot of work to do in it for the next fewyears to get it to a place where I can get a good crop off of it. Steve and I also started building the new greenhouse. It is going to be wonderful to use it next year; I am hoping we can get it completed before the snow falls. I am hoping that I will have a whole section set aside for Chickens! … No more poultry in the house!

I had the opportunity to spend many wonderful days with the kids and oh what a joy that was we crafted played and went on adventures.

IMG_1507We took the kids out berry picking it was a beautiful day and have the berries now for a jam-packed jam-making day in the future!


We built a great backyard pool on one of the hotter days, and played in it all day!We had some campfires and late night sleepover nights too!


I made it to the final Rodeo of the season for one of the nights. It was a late night and loads of fun! I headed out in the afternoon with some friends and the kids. We visited with friends once we arrived, wandered around the fair grounds and the kids road some of the rides. The wagons started and we sat in the grand stands and watched the wagons race. After we headed back to sit by the fire with friends and then when the rain started to fall we packed up and drove home in the pouring rain.



It has been a wonderful vacation and i know the rest of the summer is going to be fantastic… so many more adventures to come!


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