To My Best Friend,


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My Best Friend,

No matter what, I will always miss you, and think of you often.

This isn’t a tail of loss and sorrow but one of parenthood and life! Parenthood is tough, life is tough, it’s all hard, and what makes it harder is when my best friend is facing the same kinds of things and neither of us have the time we used to for each other.

I want to sit with you and have coffee all day, or stay up all night catching up on everything that is happening in our lives! Life doesn’t always allow that, sometimes a phone date, text message, or a quick coffee is all we can muster on our busy days. We have children, spouses, work, and lives beyond coffee and wine!

I can laugh or cry, yell or grin and nothing will change between us. I will never feel judged; I will always feel compassion, and understanding. Through every trial and tribulation, every success and achievement, I take comfort in knowing you are there for me.

I want to laugh with you as we reminisce on the days past, we’ve known each other long enough that hardly a word needs to be spoken for the stories we share! We know what happened “that time, in that place, with that thing.” But the days of reminiscing are few and far between and are often replaced with the latest tale of parenthood, spousal, career, or everyday ventures, and that is okay too, every time we talk I learn something new like the first time we met.

You have been my shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and the voice of reason on so many occasions. You know me well; your unwavering support and unconditional acceptance of me is something everyone should be so lucky to have in their lives.

No matter the distance between us, I cherish our relationship; where it is, where it was, and where it will be. Knowing I have you in my life is sometimes all I need. Even when life gets busy, when work has taken over, when our families need us, know that I think of you often and miss you always my dear friend.

– Your Best Friend.


36 thoughts on “To My Best Friend,

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  2. Awesome post, Ashley! Beautifully and brilliantly expressed. You just made me miss my best friend so much. She is miles away, in the UK (and I am in South Africa). I have made a whole new set of Mommy friends since I became a Mom myself and now I fully realise just how much of my best friend’s life I have not been able to be part of. True friendship never dies or wanes, it simply changes form, as with all Love.


  3. This is beautiful! I am glad you have friendships like that. A lot of my friends are military spouses who are now spread out across the world. It gets tough, but a phone call, a text…it can make all the difference in our crazy busy lives!


      • I completely agree! A perfectly timed inside joke can change my entire mood!

        I have two little ones so traveling is a rare event, but it’s fun to catch up and here about life on the other side of the world!


      • Yes traveling is not easy with little ones, having three doesn’t get us all too far away from home, although my husband and I were finally able to enjoy a trip in December so that was wonderful… I think we will wait for the children to be a little older before we venture too far with them! 🙂


  4. Parenting changes everything so much! Especially once you have two kids or once your child goes to school or daycare. I love that phrase, “lives beyond coffee and wine.” It really struck a chord with me!

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  5. This is very beautiful and touching story! I still remembered how my bestfriend and I almost spend all of our time together but we have to separate our path when we have to go to college. I really treasure our frienship and I always find way to meet her or to have a video call. Nice post! Thank you.

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