Happy Announcement!

One of our sows has farrowed and her babies have arrived happy healthy and so cute!


Of course they chose to arrive on a night where I had headed in to town for groceries. Steve sent me a picture from the barn while I was loading the cart up with necessities from the grocery store. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. By the time I arrived home our friends had already arrived too and were out in the barn! I headed right out and was so excited to see them! Referring to the Piglets – good to see friends too but they just aren’t as adorable! 😉

They were so tiny and still are. A few days have gone by since they arrived now as I write this post and they get more and more playful every day. They will all hang out in the barn for a while longer at least until they get a little bigger and then they will head outside for fresh air and fresh food. They are already interested in mom’s food!


Gert is such a great mommy pig and has taken such great care of her little ones. I know it is common to have issues with the pigs and their young but this has been a wonderful first go for us, all 7 babies are doing so well and she is always aware of where they are and who is in the pen! I can sit and watch them and she only warns me to stay back from her babies when I get close to the panel that separates us!


We are looking so forward to Sue having her babies next! – Update coming soon!

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