Snow globe Snowman

Salt dough!

  1. 1c. Salt
  2. 2c. Flour
  3. 1c. Water

Mix ingredients together in bowl until formed dough! 

• Feels like play dough!! 



  1. Roll three balls for snow man parts
  2. Place separately on a cookie sheet in the oven for 20min at 215°                            • the balls will still be a little playable when you remove them!  
  3. Use hot glue to stack and stick the balls together
  4. Add snowman parts! We used googly eyes, toothpicks, and rhinestone stickers but you could add whatever you like and use whatever materials you like! 


  1. Glue (hot or white school) cotton to the inside of the mason jar lid
  2. Makes mixture of “snow” we used snowflake sequence and silver glitter, pour into mason jar! 
  3. Glue snowman to the cotton “snow” lid and screw lid on, turn upside down and there you have it… Snow storm!! 

Tip: a pinch of corn starch in the glitter will help it from sticking to everything and itself! 


Yup, kids try to eat the dough! But it’s  all food based so not a chemical  danger and salty flavour is not really appealing! 

Yup it’s hot glue but I did the hot glue gun handling and the girls pushed the pieces together!

The girls loved building these today and I had so much fun doing it with them!! 

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