Now it’s January! 

January is here, mostly I end up feeling so tired this month, it’s a tough one to get thru, even though the days are getting longer it never seems that way until closer to spring and January is so far from spring!! Once the hype of the holidays has settled down its always been hard to keep the momentum going on those cold dark January days! But something amazing happened last year that makes January so much better now! My baby boy was born, and how far  he has come in just one short year is amazing! Everyday he does something new that makes me smile! When he climbs up on all my furniture and gives me the big accomplished grin! When he runs full throttle on his tiny legs down the hall after his sisters squealing in delight! Whe be snuggles in for a quick minute with me before he’s off again and wraps his tiny arms around me! He is amazing and he makes every day in January so much better! 

So even though we’ve been fighting colds and sickness in our house for almost a whole month, and even if it’s still dark out as I write this a enjoy my coffee; listening to my children play together, laugh together and love each other (most of the time!) makes the cold and dark January just a little brighter! 

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