Over the years we have gone on a great many adventures. A few are listed here and the others that follow will be in the Drop Down Menu above.



Traveling for a friends wedding we stayed in Varadero for a week spending time touring and relaxing on the Beaches.



My Husband and I spent a month working in a Roadside Restaurant/ Gas Station/ RV Park. We toured the area and met great people while we were there.

The Lake


We spend time through the summers with my family who has a Lake front Property. We quad, boat, ski, hike, and camp with friends and family here as often as we can.



For our Honeymoon my husband and I headed to the mountains on horseback, we relaxed went on many day rides and spent a night out on a river under the stars.




A few years ago I spent a week in Mexico, Playa Del Carmen with Great friends soaking in the sun and tourist attractions, laying on the beaches and enjoying great foods and drinks!



A friend of mine won a trip to Las Vegas for a concert a while back and her and I headed off to the City of Lights for a 5-day adventure! We spent time walking the strip, exploring the city and meeting some interesting people while we were there!

Other Adventures and Fun!

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