For anyone who is an avid reader of my blog you know that life sometimes gets away from me, and the updates and notes I would like to post more regularly just take some time to write! Life, Children, work, farm, renovations, family, events and adventures always take precedent over my sitting to write, as I believe they should. Steve has been off work for a few days now and that has allowed me some catch up time with my writing, but he is off to work again in the next few days! And my own fall commitments will pick up as well with volunteering, work, and children! And the children are all starting their fall activities tomorrow. Fall is our very busy time of year and although I don’t have children in school yet I imagine that it will hold true for the next 20 or so years at least! I don’t mind though, I love the fall and the hustle and bustle makes the cooling weather and impending snow more tolerable! That all being said I have decided to ad an additional component to my posts, and start my You tube channel. Country Livin’ on You Tube. I love to sit and write and plan to continue, but the day to days of our farm life and life as a momma of three little ones might be easier updated thru video broadcasts, and since I am not yet ready for live video broadcasting thru the many elements of social media I have decided to try it out! Ill post some of the videos here on my blog page but for all the videos and to keep up to date as they are posted hit subscribe on my channel.

Thanks for Tuning in!

IMG_9740 Cheers!

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