Avocado spinach delight!!


1 avocado  (soft)

1c. Cooked spinach

1/3 brick cream cheese

1/4c. Milk

1c. Cherry tomatoes

1/4 c. Chopped celery leaves

1 small carrot “flaked” (grated is fine!) 

1tbsp garlic infused oil

4c.  Pasta (I like penne) 

1 chicken breast/ pork steak (optional) 


1) Blend cooked spinach, avocado, cream cheese and milk together.

2) Grill meat of choice to fully cooked and chop up fine.

3) Cook pasta

4) Mix tomatoes, celery leaves, flakes of carrot together with garlic oil and let sit in fridge. 

5) Add spinach/avocado blend to cooked and drained pasta and mix

6) Add meat and mix

7) Top with tomato mix! 

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