Mother’s Day 

Today was a great day! Today I did some laundry, washed dishes, blew runny noses, kissed better bumps and bruises, played blocks, had a dance party and read the best story ever, “Hat.” Today I was a mother! 

I’m a mother everyday but today I reflected a lot on what being a mother is and thought a lot that Mother’s Day isn’t a day to stop being a mother! After all I wouldn’t be celebrating this day if it weren’t for my amazing and wonderful children. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to have had breakfast made for me, but I’m  even happier that I got to sit down and enjoy it with my children and my husband! I am thrilled I was able to take a nap when all my children were napping this afternoon, a luxury  I don’t often treat myself to, but I’m even happier to have heard those small voices say “hello”and see those big smiles and sparkling eyes when we all woke up! I loved so much the beautiful handprints and foot prints the children all helped make for me, but love even more to hold those hands in my own, to tickle those feet and hear the giggles erupt from low in their bellies! I’m so lucky to be a mom! 

I have some really great examples of mothers to lead the way for me and all that I aspire to be, my own mother for starters and Steves mom too are pretty fantastic ladies! And I have some amazing friends and neighbors who I look up to and admire their mothering styles!

  Steve and I have spent a lot of time talking about the kind of parents we want to be drawing from those parenting styles of our own moms and dads and those of our close friends and family! 

So today as I reflect I’m happy, and I know it was a good day because I dried tears, prepared food, practiced shapes, sang songs, and hugged, kissed, and loved my children! 

I look forward to tomorrow and the tomorrow’s to come because I get to be a mom and all those days feel like Mother’s Day!! 

Happy Mother’s Day do all those amazing moms out there, wherever they may be!! 

One thought on “Mother’s Day 

  1. Such a beautiful Blog! Your children are going to love reading these as they get older. Well, maybe not Henry so much, cause it doesn’t appear to be a guy thing – but Morgan and Jordan will! Luvya2 XXOO


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