Return to the Screen

I’ve taken some time away, as many of you know I was pregnant with twins last I wrote and as life would have it I gave birth to two beautiful baby girls who are now 19 months old. Less than 16 months later I gave birth to a handsome baby boy who is now almost 4 months old. So as you can imagine life has been busy, hence the hiatus from the screen. We have had a great deal of fun raising our little ones and have a lot of plans for our future as a family of five!
It’s sad taking this long of a break, because I really enjoy writing, I enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper or computer as it so happens to be. I love the therapeutic activity of writing; my thoughts seem to slow as I write and what’s really important finds its way through my fingers! So I am so delighted to be back at it. I’ve set some goals with my blog, and as time goes on I hope to reach those goals and continue creating new ones. Goals that allow me reach out to more and more people who share similar interests or lifestyles as we do here on our little farm!

A quick catch up!

I wont go into the full details just yet with all that has gone on at the farm here today but will over the coming weeks add in some bonus posts to update and introduce all the new additions including our three beautiful children.
Disclaimer: those who don’t know me personally will not see pictures here of my children, Steve and I have decided to respect our children’s privacy and not post pictures of them anywhere online.


We have done a great deal of renovations in our home since moving in, it has taken a lot of paint screws and mud to make this house a home, not to mention the blood sweat and tears our family and friends have put into helping us along the way! The next project is the basement, we are all upstairs right now and although the children all share a large bedroom with lots of room for them and their things, we hope to give them their own space once they are all a little older!


We have had so much go on here with our animals too. Our goats have found new homes, loving ones where they will continue to be pets which makes me extremely happy, I was hesitant to even sell them but as the winter came to an end and plans for a new project emerged we realized we just couldn’t keep them any longer. We also acquired a new horse that spent the winter with us and then was sold this spring, he was a nice and well-mannered horse just not one we would be able to use as a family. My wild inside cat has moved part time outside, although thru the winter he kept himself warm and cozy by the fire inside! He enjoys his time outside now that the snow has melted again, chasing mice and teasing the dog! Our Dog is also still with us keeping watch over all the animals and is happy and as full of energy as ever. The girls got bunnies for Easter this year “Oreo” and “EB” and they are enjoying their space in the barn as the weather warms up, the girls love going out to feed their bunnies and visit with them! Once it is warmer in the summer we will move them to the outside “chicken tractor” which will become the “bunny tractor” so they always have access to fresh food but also safety from the dog!

We have made a decision to farm pigs, a small operation that we will ease in to but nonetheless have decided that it’s what we really want to do with our land. We will continue to have our horses for riding and chickens for eggs but our pigs will be our main farming focus! We have had many animals here over the years, some our own and others guests and as I did not grow up on a farm I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work with these animals I have had the pleasure of having cows, sheep, goats, quail, guinea fowl, donkey, rabbits, horses, chickens, and pigs reside here. I have learned that I really enjoy raising pigs! We have acquired two bred sows and they are due to farrow in June, we also have three feeder pigs we have been raising for the whole winter. We will keep one of the sows to breed next. I’m excited to see how it all goes and excited to meet the new little piglets in a couple months.


We have worked hard to maintain a garden over the years and although we took a break and container gardened the year the girls were born we are starting to get a real handle on the amount of weeds and have had really great crops. We still have the weeds get out of control at times but have had some really great food fresh from our own ground. We plan to work the garden up and plant in late May again this year. We are also still working on our greenhouse but are hoping to start planting by next spring in it!

It has been a lot of work to keep the farm going thru two pregnancies and the birth of three children but with the teamwork of Steve and I we have managed to keep it all up!

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