World Prematurity Day 

My Social media is flooded today, I have already shed tears and it’s so early. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. The stories shared mean that there is a community of support out there! 

Today is the day I honour those tiny babies who have fought and won, remember those who have fought and lost, and know that so many more are in the middle of their own battle. The stories of hope and those of sorrow all remind me that a child born prematurely will come in to this world fighting. I am so lucky to know and love many of these children and their brave families who endured what I can’t even begin to imagine were some of the worst moments of their lives. The strength and determination I know in many of the moms and dads facing this uphill battle is the most heroing. 

I can’t begin to imagine the deep emotional roller coaster families go thru. Because I myself did not face this battle, I don’t want to minimalize the pain and turmoil a family faces when another devistating diagnosis is delivered, the joy and excitement when another millstone is achieved. 

But I do want to honour those tiny fighters and their amazing families who are with them by their side for the fight and say how lucky I am to know such amazing families! 

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