Sale Day

Sale Day

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We have made our way out to a few sales this year. They have been fun filled eventful days. Three children in tow makes for long days. Thank goodness for friends and family who join us for all our adventures, especially my sister who is always eager to come along for the festivities and to help out chasing a toddler or two around!

We headed out to a live auction sale with 6 birds and 4 dozen fertilized eggs at which we didn’t bid on anything ourselves so came home up! Sales are always a good time to sell there is never a shortage of people wanting to increase their current stock or try out something new, odd, or unusual! We have fallen in that category of sale shoppers in our past trips.

The other sale we went to was more of a farmers market style where everyone had booths set up selling their animals, and homemade stuff! We found some buff orpington chicks there as well as a couple other breeds we thought we should try out. I am really wanting to keep our chicken numbers down as we move into our pig farming venture but it will be nice to have some hardy birds who are also good layers around for incubating next spring as we need more, and maybe take to next years spring sales!

Both sales were extremely busy and because the spring animal sales in this area are so limited it was just a mess of people and animals. We had a lot of fun of course the girls ran and ran and checked out all the animals at least twice. Jordan was quite upset in fact that the animals were in cages and kennels and continuously attempted to set them free! Morgan is less excited about large crowds and only got down out of someones arms long enough to check out the animals but wanted to be carried where she could see what was happening for moving around! Henry slept through of course! They continue to show me how different they really are every time we do something new!

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