Is Spring Here?

I keep asking myself “when it is coming”, I keep looking for signs of its arrival, I know somewhere buried under many feet of snow there is grass waiting to grow, and flowers waiting to bloom!

But for now I can only wait. And maybe start some seeds inside!?

Yesterday we had a great day finally warm enough to spend some significant time outside, you know the time that is longer than it takes to get ready to go out! In fact the kids have spent the last few days outside and we all love it! Steve headed out in the morning to build an epic sliding hill and we took out the toboggans and proceeded to climb and slide and crash and laugh and enjoy the bright sunshiny day!


The kids even convinced me to trek thru the back yard to the play structure, which I have not been keen on doing since the last big dump of snow, mostly because when the snow is waist deep on me which means it’s a lot of work to get them where they want to go! … But we did it made it out there and tramped a path around so they could use the equipment, and once again climb and slide!

Hot chocolate and cookies were to follow an afternoon outside and sleepy tired children who fell asleep almost immediately after their heads hit the pillow… that is what I love most about the outside world and fresh air! So we hope the weather keeps up staying warm now so we can enjoy being outside more.

With nice days it is so much easier to get out and work on projects, for us in February that means snow removal, snow removal, feeding animals and oh right snow removal! But after yesterday Steve accomplished most of the barnyard snow removal, we can even swing a few gates again!

I have to say that by far this is the most snow we have had on our little farm since we moved out here and I am worried about the spring! A few years ago THIS happened and I am certainly concerned that after the run off last year washed out the culvert in the barnyard that there might be an even worse fate this year! We will be keeping an eye on everything as the melt starts to ensure our animals have safety away from the flooding areas!

What are you doing while you wait for spring?


Traveling with Toddlers!

Scenic Route.jpg

Last week we took a trip! It was a long trip… it was a busy trip! We took two travel days to get to our destination and three to return home. WOAH!

It was my Grandmothers 80th Surprise Birthday party and we are so lucky to have gone, spent that time with her, and were able to catch up with relatives from all over, some of whom were meeting my children for the first time! My heart was so full while we were there seeing everyone!

We headed out after gymnastics practice, loaded up an aunt and a grandpa and started down the road. I was ready, and I was prepared. My children don’t own technology. They are two and three years old so we have decided that the owning of tablets, I Pads, Phones etc. is perhaps for older kids and teenagers, I wont get into it here… another post, for another day!

I packed snacks, because the key to motherhood and happy children is snacks. I packed games, books, and activities in their own back packs. I made sure the kid’s songs were ready on the stereo. I allowed them their favorite snuggle stuffies and bedtime blankets in the car, which on any regular day would be a big no no and off we went!

They traveled a total of 7 hours the first day with only one short break for lunch and they did amazing! They read books, sang songs, colored pictures, and visited about where we were going. We got a hotel along the way and it had pools, and open areas to run and play, we all got to stretch our legs, swim, burn off some much needed travel energy and get a good night sleep in before continuing down the road again the next day!


And we did get up early, have breakfast and head on down the road again!

After another long day of travel we arrived at Grandmas house. She was surprised to say the least! She had no idea we were coming, and the surprises continued from there. The kids and I were beat, we headed to the hotel and snuggled in for a night of rest, not before seeing and meeting great aunts and uncles who were also all arriving at the hotel, hugs all around and sneaky excited giggles for what was to come once it was party time!! My Aunt and cousin arrived later that night on a flight; all over again she was shocked. Her family was all together for her birthday and she was so happy!


The next night was the big party, everyone was ready, we took her out for dinner then headed back to the hall at the hotel to await her arrival, with a tricky fib she was led into the hall where she was given her final surprise, all but one of her siblings were able to make it to her celebration, some had traveled a great distance to spend this milestone with her. Seeing the laughter and the happy tears made the trip all worth it! The kids all danced and partied until late and loved meeting new cousins and family.

The next day we continued to catch up, visit, and enjoy everyone’s company, we spent the day at grandmas house. Once again it was a late night for the kids but worth all the family time spent together.

After three days of visiting, partying, and catching up it was time to head home. We had breakfast that morning with aunts and uncles who were also leaving that day and said all of our good byes!

We traveled once again to the same amazing hotel to spend some time in the pool again. The next day as we headed out we weren’t sure if we were going to make it… the news alert suggested that the highway we planned to travel was closed. After further investigation we discovered it had in fact just been opened back up, thank goodness. After all this traveling the children were starting to tire of sitting in car seats and traveling down highways so although this portion of the trip only lasted 4 hours it was more than enough for them and we had some major tears the last part of the trip. We stopped at my mom and dads and all three kids baled out of their car seats with enthusiasm! We had dinner that night with family and everyone headed to bed on time.

Now it was time to head home, after dropping Aunty off everyone was excited to get home, get out of car seats and spend the night in our own beds.


The trip was more than fun; it was so exciting to see everyone, I am so grateful to have such an amazing family and support system that made the trip go as smooth as it possibly could.

I have good kids, they are polite, they are well mannered, and they are well behaved. I don’t care who you are or how “good” your kids are if you stick them in a vehicle to travel for 5 days there is bound to be some hiccups!


  • Snacks for the car OBVIOUSLY!! But also for the hotel, we packed fresh fruit and “breakfast” foods because, I don’t know about anyone else’s kids but mine usually get up and eat right away sometimes in their PJ’s but staying in a hotel means going to the restaurant for breakfast and so having some fresh fruit and yogurts and things to tie them over is helpful to getting us all ready to head to the restaurant for a meal!
  • Activities, even if I am a believer in looking out the window and enjoying the scenery, taking in all that the world passing by has to offer having something else to occupy little minds and hands while traveling long distances is imperative.
  • Bring someone with you if you can, the activities will hit the floor and someone there to pick them up can avoid stop after stop. Its also sanity saving for the driver to have someone else to talk to while three blind mice plays on the radio for the 90th
  • Pull ups, for my three year olds who are potty trained they know that pull ups on a long trip when the temperature outside is -25C is a good thing to keeping their bums warm, and that they can change out of them as soon as we get where we are going! I feel it saves so much using them. Often they can hold it until the next rest station but when they cant its great back up!
  • Music, and audio books, listening to something other than mom sing (although I am practically the Next Canadian Idol) is sometimes soothing enough to let the little eyes fade and a nap to happen!
  • Get out, it was tough on this trip to make stops along the way because it was so cold for just a road side stop, but having travelled that highway before a time or two I know there are some fun stops along the way that would have broke the trip up a little more for the littles and bigs!

It was an amazing trip, even with all my hesitations I am so happy we set out on the journey.

Happy trails to you and yours wherever the road may take you!


Why I stay up “ALL” night

How Much Sleep Do You Get_.jpg

From the time we get out of bed in the morning until the time we all lay our heads down at night, I am “on” and even then its only a temporary pause before either morning arrives, the little ones have a bad dream or someone needs something in the middle of the night.

ALL DAY I am needed, I am touched, climbed on, loved and loathed, I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many “mom” calls I get. I wipe bums, and change diapers. I make snacks; I make meals that by the time I get to sit and enjoy are cold. I plan games, read books, find new and educational activities to do, make plans for outings, and play dates, I am needed for so many different things each and every day. I rarely have a minute to myself, and even when I do find a minute to enjoy a couple sips of hot coffee I am still listening for the next emergency, disaster, or fight to break out! I am not complaining here, these are simply the truths of my adventures in motherhood and why by the end of the day I sometimes make a choice to stay up just a little too late!

I love my kids dearly, they are well cared for, we have a lot of fun, even the part about being needed albeit tiring is also rewarding. We are a very busy and active family so if I want to spend a night binge watching my new favorite Netflix show or playing cards and having a few too many beverages with my friends then I’m going to! And I am not going to feel bad about it! It’s my treat! It’s my time to laugh with other adults, talk about something other than who’s turn it is with that toy, or watch yet another episode of Paw Patrol, it’s my time to put my feet up and relax, even if I am folding the one hundredth load of laundry while I do it!

I think there is a balance in creating this life of family, children, work, or whatever commitments we make as parents! Sometimes staying up to have some “me” time helps in finding that balance! My children don’t suffer! They might get an extra cuddly momma for a day here and there if I’ve chosen to stay up really late, but they don’t do without!

How many times have I been asked… why don’t you just go to bed? Aren’t you tired in the morning?


My answer is yes


Of course if I went to bed at an early hour every night and got the rest I “need” I would feel much more energized every morning! I mean let’s be honest I’m not new to this!


That is what Coffee is for!Todays Good Mood is Sponsored by Coffee


Sometimes I have to choose not to! Sometimes I have to look at the big picture and know that if I go to bed when my kids do every night, although I would be well rested I would also go a little nutty!

Not to brag but my kids are awesome sleepers, we did a lot of work to get to here and if you are interested you can read more HERE. But seriously I pat my husband and I on the back for this! It really is sanity saving to have good sleepers! They are long on their journey to dream land by the time I’m ready to sit down and put my feet up, for guests to come to play cards, or to get a babysitter so Steve and I can go out for a bit.

As parents we are constantly reminded to put ourselves first. Taking care of ourselves is so important so we can take care of our families! So some nights I might be in bed by 7:30, and sometimes I might be up until the wee hours of the night watching just one more episode, reading just one more chapter or playing just one more hand of cards, but it all balance out in the end and my family is better off for it!



My Baby is 2!

Having a Two Year Old is like Having a Blender that you Don't have the Top For.jpg

Where does the time go?

We hear this and say this all the time but my baby just turned two and this past weekend while we celebrated, he ran around the house with is sisters and his cousins, played hard, ate so much cake his poop turned blue, and sang along “Happy Birthday” to himself!

I loved all my children the day I met them and even before as they tumbled around rearranging my internal organs.

Looking back I miss the snuggles, I miss breastfeeding, and I miss ONE basket of toys to pick up at the end of my day! I miss their smiles and cooing chatter, I miss sitting and staring at these perfect little beings we created with so much love my heart felt like it would burst. Wow those were the days I think when I trip over yet another Paw Patrol figurine or step on a Lego and realize it might be time to amputate!




I have discovered that there are different parenting personalities and we all feel different about our children growing up! I fit under the category of moms who enjoyed the baby stage but am way more excited when their children can wipe their own butts! So when I hear people tell them to stop growing so fast or that they miss when they were babies, most of the time I think…


Back to the poop? The sleepless nights, and sleep training? The crying and I JUST DON’T KNOW WHY!!! The carrying THREE car seats at once, even if my arms looked amazing! I used to feel guilty like I was going to miss the moment in front of me, as I would look forward to the days my children could do more for themselves.

Now I know what I was looking forward to. And it didn’t make me loose out on enjoying all the milestones, and moments when they were little; it doesn’t make me less appreciative of the good days! I just know now that it’s okay to want to be here now! And to look forward to some other things that are to come!

Henry has always been one to work hard to keep up with his sisters, he rolled over for the first time at 17 days old, he walked at 9 months, he started eating solid foods at 6 months and never looked back! While the girls learned how to climb the Rock wall last summer he was learning right along beside them, and although he often is a little more clumsy he’s right up there wanting to do everything they do!

There are struggles at every stage of growing your children; my dad always reminds me that the first 40 years of parenting are the toughest! But I am going to enjoy this stage, look forward to the next and reminisce about the fun stuff from the last!

I love that my baby is two and can’t wait to see all the accomplishments he makes in the year to come!


Ready to be Healthy

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.27.29 AM.png

Christmas break is always so relaxing, I’ve spent a month cleaning, and baking, and cooking, and prepping, to relax for the days thru the holiday it self. Then the New Year rolls around and I have a heck of a time getting up and running again. Its tough to get moving and motivated to start cleaning and cooking and baking again after a nice break.

Well this year has been especially difficult.

We’ve all been sick!

I mean lay down don’t move flu bug sick and it just seems to linger. Already 1/3 of the way in to the month and we have been quarantined to our home for days. My poor little ones are asking if we have any friends who can come play and they just don’t understand why we can’t hang out with other kids right now.

Although I have managed to keep the house relatively clean, my Christmas tree is still standing, I just don’t have the energy in me to take it down. We have watched all the ice age movies X3 worked our way thru the Toy Story Series, and Paw Patrol has been my best friend when I need them to just sit down, conserve their energy, and rest their bodies. We have read every book we own and I started to pull out the “special” ones (the ones that are so sweet they make mommy cry!), we have put all the puzzles together at least 3 times. I have enough art to hang on the fridge for the whole year, or maybe I just need another fridge! We have snuggled and cuddled and fought and cried for days. And now I am just ready for this sick family to get healthy and get back to our busy lives that we love.

Of course I say this and always in the back of my mind I think about those families who are on many more days of laying low for much more serious reasons and I try to use perspective to remind myself that we will be thru this flu soon and life will return to normal.

In the midst of it though it’s still tough, and I am one who will say this sucks.

After I had the girls, I had a friend who always would correct her baby woe complaints by saying “but oh I only have one it must be so much harder for you with two, I shouldn’t complain.” This always frustrated me. Babies are tough, no matter how many you have, and by that logic the only person who can complain is the lady out there who had the most babies at a time!

Like 8 was it, or more?

We are all people, we all have struggles, whether it’s the number of children, the age of the children or how close the children are in age, everyone is entitled to their own limits, we are all different and our strengths and struggles look different to each of us. And although perspective is good we are allowed to have a bad day, we are allowed to feel that a part of our lives is not easy just because its not easy for us we to not need to compare the struggle we have with someone else to the point of feeling guilty that we are having a tough time.

All that being said it’s also not healthy to sit in self-pity over the struggles. It’s important to move thru these tough times and make sure to find the light in the day, its good to smile, laugh or at least sit with contentment at some point thru a rough day. If we spend the whole day, or many days wallowing, the problem not only sticks around but new problems arise from all the perpetual gloom.

So, go ahead and say this day, week, month, or year so far SUCKS… but then build that puzzle again, snuggle your babies, and giggle when they do at those silly characters on their favorite show, read the story that makes you cry and try to find at least one thing to laugh at today!

– A

Winter has Arrived!

Snow is here.

I guess pumpkin spice season is done and its time for another change in the season.

Fall has been beautiful and I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to see the snowfall and the wind blow. But my children have brought a new light to the snowy season. They have reminded me as I look out the window and pout that soon there will be enough to build a snow man, and sliding down the slide in the snow is so much fun! They have reminded me that snow is “fun” and so I look forward to a warmer less blustery day where we can head out and enjoy the white fluffy stuff!

For now though I’ll stay toasty curled up with my lap top writing and drinking coffee! While I listen to the kids play nicely (for a minute or two).Processed with MOLDIV

“Cherish These Moments, They don’t Last Forever”

What mom hasn’t heard this sentiment?

How about…

“They grow up so fast, you’ll be wishing for these days again.”

Thanks! I know they’ll grow up, and I know how fast time goes. I am well aware of how fast life moves.

Where I live I am well aware that we move faster than other parts of the world. I have visited some beautiful places where life just moves slower, is calmer and everyone stops to literally smell the flowers. Not here, here we are multi-tasking workaholics with little time to stop let alone smell that flower. I try to sit and enjoy the moments, and in some respects I do; I love it out on our little farm, it does feel slower than the city and it is quieter. But quick is just how we do things here, it’s part of our culture, and us. It’s not a negative, I enjoy my time visiting places that move slower, it’s relaxing and the pressures of the “go” life literally fade away, but I like home.

I love that we are productive, we get things done; we are efficient and accomplish so many astonishing things. Personally what we (ourselves, friends and family) have done on our small farm in the short time we have lived here is extraordinary. What we as a committee achieve every year for the Teepee Creek Stampede Association is exceptional. As a community how we can pull  together when a family is in need is awe-inspiring. And what we as a community can fundraise for charities like the Huntington’s Society of Canada Peace Country Chapter, or the Ronald McDonald House and many others is unbelievable. So I’m okay to take a vacation on the slow side, but I want to come back and live where we get stuff done!

So to the lady reminding me how quick life moves while I plead with my children to “hurry up”  – I know.

I think it bugs me so much because she had only seen me in a fleeting moment encouraging with “enthusiasm” my three year old twins to get there top buckles done up in their car seats because we need to leave the store parking lot. She sees my exacerbated encouragement, I see my twins taking another 10 minutes buckling their seat-belts up because “they can do it.” She didn’t see me take them to skating lessons earlier this morning so didn’t see me cherish the moment and cringe when they fell for the billionth time on the hard cold ice surface, then smile with pride as they picked themselves up again and kept on trying. She didn’t see me take them grocery shopping where I cherished the moment and we talked about all the healthy foods and what food does for our bodies, where Morgan happily reminded me that “food is energy to play.” She missed the moment where they picked out a gift and card and wrapping paper for the birthday party they are going to, together, without arguing about what to get their cousin and friend. You missed out on the trip to the play place where they ate lunch and I cherished the moment as they burned off some energy after having been stuck in a grocery cart. She didn’t see me watch and enjoy seeing them make new friends, talk to other kids and ask their names. She missed all those parts of our day up until that point, where for a moment in time this mom was ready to get home, get out of town, and just get moving and so in an exhausted tone asked them to hurry up.

We as parents can’t be on 100% of the time.

We as parents already know how quick life goes.

Threenagers are tough and the attitude that goes with the age is not something I wish to stop and “smell” I’m good remembering the funny songs they make up, watching them grow and learn new things, the way they share with each other and other kids, their manners and polite behaviours, and every day I am in awe of their development in every way. But I promise I won’t look back and wish I’d have savoured the “I can buckle it myself mom” with a three year olds attitude, and I’m okay with that!

This mom knows that life is quick, but I also know that I enjoy my time, I savour moments, I write, and I videotape and I am involved in all that my children do.

So instead of wishing for these days again I probably will be too busy cherishing the moments of life when they are older, you know the dating, and driving, and being… teenagers…ahhhhh someone hand me a sedative!