My Baby is 2!

Having a Two Year Old is like Having a Blender that you Don't have the Top For.jpg

Where does the time go?

We hear this and say this all the time but my baby just turned two and this past weekend while we celebrated, he ran around the house with is sisters and his cousins, played hard, ate so much cake his poop turned blue, and sang along “Happy Birthday” to himself!

I loved all my children the day I met them and even before as they tumbled around rearranging my internal organs.

Looking back I miss the snuggles, I miss breastfeeding, and I miss ONE basket of toys to pick up at the end of my day! I miss their smiles and cooing chatter, I miss sitting and staring at these perfect little beings we created with so much love my heart felt like it would burst. Wow those were the days I think when I trip over yet another Paw Patrol figurine or step on a Lego and realize it might be time to amputate!




I have discovered that there are different parenting personalities and we all feel different about our children growing up! I fit under the category of moms who enjoyed the baby stage but am way more excited when their children can wipe their own butts! So when I hear people tell them to stop growing so fast or that they miss when they were babies, most of the time I think…


Back to the poop? The sleepless nights, and sleep training? The crying and I JUST DON’T KNOW WHY!!! The carrying THREE car seats at once, even if my arms looked amazing! I used to feel guilty like I was going to miss the moment in front of me, as I would look forward to the days my children could do more for themselves.

Now I know what I was looking forward to. And it didn’t make me loose out on enjoying all the milestones, and moments when they were little; it doesn’t make me less appreciative of the good days! I just know now that it’s okay to want to be here now! And to look forward to some other things that are to come!

Henry has always been one to work hard to keep up with his sisters, he rolled over for the first time at 17 days old, he walked at 9 months, he started eating solid foods at 6 months and never looked back! While the girls learned how to climb the Rock wall last summer he was learning right along beside them, and although he often is a little more clumsy he’s right up there wanting to do everything they do!

There are struggles at every stage of growing your children; my dad always reminds me that the first 40 years of parenting are the toughest! But I am going to enjoy this stage, look forward to the next and reminisce about the fun stuff from the last!

I love that my baby is two and can’t wait to see all the accomplishments he makes in the year to come!


Ready to be Healthy

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.27.29 AM.png

Christmas break is always so relaxing, I’ve spent a month cleaning, and baking, and cooking, and prepping, to relax for the days thru the holiday it self. Then the New Year rolls around and I have a heck of a time getting up and running again. Its tough to get moving and motivated to start cleaning and cooking and baking again after a nice break.

Well this year has been especially difficult.

We’ve all been sick!

I mean lay down don’t move flu bug sick and it just seems to linger. Already 1/3 of the way in to the month and we have been quarantined to our home for days. My poor little ones are asking if we have any friends who can come play and they just don’t understand why we can’t hang out with other kids right now.

Although I have managed to keep the house relatively clean, my Christmas tree is still standing, I just don’t have the energy in me to take it down. We have watched all the ice age movies X3 worked our way thru the Toy Story Series, and Paw Patrol has been my best friend when I need them to just sit down, conserve their energy, and rest their bodies. We have read every book we own and I started to pull out the “special” ones (the ones that are so sweet they make mommy cry!), we have put all the puzzles together at least 3 times. I have enough art to hang on the fridge for the whole year, or maybe I just need another fridge! We have snuggled and cuddled and fought and cried for days. And now I am just ready for this sick family to get healthy and get back to our busy lives that we love.

Of course I say this and always in the back of my mind I think about those families who are on many more days of laying low for much more serious reasons and I try to use perspective to remind myself that we will be thru this flu soon and life will return to normal.

In the midst of it though it’s still tough, and I am one who will say this sucks.

After I had the girls, I had a friend who always would correct her baby woe complaints by saying “but oh I only have one it must be so much harder for you with two, I shouldn’t complain.” This always frustrated me. Babies are tough, no matter how many you have, and by that logic the only person who can complain is the lady out there who had the most babies at a time!

Like 8 was it, or more?

We are all people, we all have struggles, whether it’s the number of children, the age of the children or how close the children are in age, everyone is entitled to their own limits, we are all different and our strengths and struggles look different to each of us. And although perspective is good we are allowed to have a bad day, we are allowed to feel that a part of our lives is not easy just because its not easy for us we to not need to compare the struggle we have with someone else to the point of feeling guilty that we are having a tough time.

All that being said it’s also not healthy to sit in self-pity over the struggles. It’s important to move thru these tough times and make sure to find the light in the day, its good to smile, laugh or at least sit with contentment at some point thru a rough day. If we spend the whole day, or many days wallowing, the problem not only sticks around but new problems arise from all the perpetual gloom.

So, go ahead and say this day, week, month, or year so far SUCKS… but then build that puzzle again, snuggle your babies, and giggle when they do at those silly characters on their favorite show, read the story that makes you cry and try to find at least one thing to laugh at today!

– A

Winter has Arrived!

Snow is here.

I guess pumpkin spice season is done and its time for another change in the season.

Fall has been beautiful and I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to see the snowfall and the wind blow. But my children have brought a new light to the snowy season. They have reminded me as I look out the window and pout that soon there will be enough to build a snow man, and sliding down the slide in the snow is so much fun! They have reminded me that snow is “fun” and so I look forward to a warmer less blustery day where we can head out and enjoy the white fluffy stuff!

For now though I’ll stay toasty curled up with my lap top writing and drinking coffee! While I listen to the kids play nicely (for a minute or two).Processed with MOLDIV

“Cherish These Moments, They don’t Last Forever”

What mom hasn’t heard this sentiment?

How about…

“They grow up so fast, you’ll be wishing for these days again.”

Thanks! I know they’ll grow up, and I know how fast time goes. I am well aware of how fast life moves.

Where I live I am well aware that we move faster than other parts of the world. I have visited some beautiful places where life just moves slower, is calmer and everyone stops to literally smell the flowers. Not here, here we are multi-tasking workaholics with little time to stop let alone smell that flower. I try to sit and enjoy the moments, and in some respects I do; I love it out on our little farm, it does feel slower than the city and it is quieter. But quick is just how we do things here, it’s part of our culture, and us. It’s not a negative, I enjoy my time visiting places that move slower, it’s relaxing and the pressures of the “go” life literally fade away, but I like home.

I love that we are productive, we get things done; we are efficient and accomplish so many astonishing things. Personally what we (ourselves, friends and family) have done on our small farm in the short time we have lived here is extraordinary. What we as a committee achieve every year for the Teepee Creek Stampede Association is exceptional. As a community how we can pull  together when a family is in need is awe-inspiring. And what we as a community can fundraise for charities like the Huntington’s Society of Canada Peace Country Chapter, or the Ronald McDonald House and many others is unbelievable. So I’m okay to take a vacation on the slow side, but I want to come back and live where we get stuff done!

So to the lady reminding me how quick life moves while I plead with my children to “hurry up”  – I know.

I think it bugs me so much because she had only seen me in a fleeting moment encouraging with “enthusiasm” my three year old twins to get there top buckles done up in their car seats because we need to leave the store parking lot. She sees my exacerbated encouragement, I see my twins taking another 10 minutes buckling their seat-belts up because “they can do it.” She didn’t see me take them to skating lessons earlier this morning so didn’t see me cherish the moment and cringe when they fell for the billionth time on the hard cold ice surface, then smile with pride as they picked themselves up again and kept on trying. She didn’t see me take them grocery shopping where I cherished the moment and we talked about all the healthy foods and what food does for our bodies, where Morgan happily reminded me that “food is energy to play.” She missed the moment where they picked out a gift and card and wrapping paper for the birthday party they are going to, together, without arguing about what to get their cousin and friend. You missed out on the trip to the play place where they ate lunch and I cherished the moment as they burned off some energy after having been stuck in a grocery cart. She didn’t see me watch and enjoy seeing them make new friends, talk to other kids and ask their names. She missed all those parts of our day up until that point, where for a moment in time this mom was ready to get home, get out of town, and just get moving and so in an exhausted tone asked them to hurry up.

We as parents can’t be on 100% of the time.

We as parents already know how quick life goes.

Threenagers are tough and the attitude that goes with the age is not something I wish to stop and “smell” I’m good remembering the funny songs they make up, watching them grow and learn new things, the way they share with each other and other kids, their manners and polite behaviours, and every day I am in awe of their development in every way. But I promise I won’t look back and wish I’d have savoured the “I can buckle it myself mom” with a three year olds attitude, and I’m okay with that!

This mom knows that life is quick, but I also know that I enjoy my time, I savour moments, I write, and I videotape and I am involved in all that my children do.

So instead of wishing for these days again I probably will be too busy cherishing the moments of life when they are older, you know the dating, and driving, and being… teenagers…ahhhhh someone hand me a sedative!

To Post or not To Post!

I have thought long and hard about how to go about writing this post. We put a great deal of time and thought in to the decision not to post our children’s photos on social media, so although there are a few places where you might find them tucked in the background of a wedding photo or at an event. We however have consciously chose to not set out to post photos of them, and when they accidently are posted I always have a great response from the poster when I ask them to take it down! In fact in the last 3 years I have only had to report one photo! … Pretty great!

Now please don’t read this as an opinion on your own choice to post or not to post! I love seeing everyone’s children grow thru the power and wonder of social media! This was simply a choice we made as parents for our family and in no way does that make me question anyone else’s parenting choices to share things social media! I share an awful lot to social media thru avenues like my blog here, my vlog, facebook, instagram, and twitter, so no judgy momness here, I promise!

Growing up we didn’t have such technology and fast moving social networking; blogging, facebook, twitter, or snapchat weren’t things we had to contend with. MSN Messenger was the social media of choice by the time I was in highschool (Not to date myself!). By the time the big social networks became part of everyday life I was old enough to decide what I wanted to share with the world, and educated enough to understand the consequences of such sharing. I could determine if a photo or video of me was appropriate for the viewing audience of the entire web. It would be my decision to contact those who posted pictures I didn’t want strewn about the online world and ask they be removed.

I know there are many good reasons to share and post so many photos of our babies, they are if nothing else the cutest things in the world and for most parents the subject of almost every photo snapped on our phones, cameras, and other devices. Sharing their every move allows us to stay connected with long lost friends, family and distant relates across the world that may not otherwise be able to see them. But I have other methods of communicating and sharing photos of my beautiful babies with these people. So this decision doesn’t leave anyone who wants to be in the loop out! I send emails, private messages, and text messages, oh and whoa… snail male printed photos!!

My children do not have the ability or forethought to know what is or will be an appropriate Internet photograph and what is not. Furthermore they shouldn’t be expected to make such decisions at this age! Although I’m in charge today there will come a day where they will be in charge and what I have done until that point will affect them after I am no longer making those decisions. Now I am not saying I would ever plan to cover the internet with anything other than all the cuteness they have to offer, but who am I to decide what they will feel is cute, or embarrassing, or relevant by their teen years and beyond? I certainly wouldn’t want to post a “cute” wardrobe choice today and have them teased later for the fashion faux pas they made oh so many years ago.

I don’t believe they would they understand at this point what the implications could be of having the online world having access to their pictures. There are a lot of creeps out there. I know that there have been many warnings posted in twin momma groups I am a part of on facebook talking about how their children’s photos have been stolen and used so that people without twins can access groups like these… YUCK and WTF and that is just a mild example of what is out there on the nameless faceless World Wide Web.

We aren’t famous! I do not contend with the paparazzi. I suppose if I were famous I would have to come up with another plan! Haha as much as I like to broadcast my own life and photos here on my blog I in no way believe I am famous nor would I want to be, I much prefer simply documenting my quiet and simple life farming and raising my family!

These are among the many reasons Steve and I have decided to keep our children’s photos off the Internet. We are happy with our choice and if later in life my children decide that they want to broadcast themselves too I’m sure they will show you that really cute thing they did that time when they were little!


Ashley Moberly Lake


For anyone who is an avid reader of my blog you know that life sometimes gets away from me, and the updates and notes I would like to post more regularly just take some time to write! Life, Children, work, farm, renovations, family, events and adventures always take precedent over my sitting to write, as I believe they should. Steve has been off work for a few days now and that has allowed me some catch up time with my writing, but he is off to work again in the next few days! And my own fall commitments will pick up as well with volunteering, work, and children! And the children are all starting their fall activities tomorrow. Fall is our very busy time of year and although I don’t have children in school yet I imagine that it will hold true for the next 20 or so years at least! I don’t mind though, I love the fall and the hustle and bustle makes the cooling weather and impending snow more tolerable! That all being said I have decided to ad an additional component to my posts, and start my You tube channel. Country Livin’ on You Tube. I love to sit and write and plan to continue, but the day to days of our farm life and life as a momma of three little ones might be easier updated thru video broadcasts, and since I am not yet ready for live video broadcasting thru the many elements of social media I have decided to try it out! Ill post some of the videos here on my blog page but for all the videos and to keep up to date as they are posted hit subscribe on my channel.

Thanks for Tuning in!

IMG_9740 Cheers!

Pumpkin Spice Season is Among us – Time for an Update.

It has been a busy and adventurous summer here on our little farm! We have been doing so many things and I can’t even believe fall is almost here! It has been an amazing summer filled with barbecues, campfires, riding, skiing, camping, rodeos, lake trips, weddings, and so much fun with family and friends.


Diamond Dinner

Early in the spring we ladies got together and headed down to the Diamond Dinner to support the Teepee Creek Stampede Queen Committee. We all got dressed up and were thoroughly entertained and fed extremely well as always from Lefty’s Cafe.


Moberly Lake

We spent time out at the lake with friends and family, taking in the sights, boat rides, skiing, limited campfires to propane (BC wildfires have been out of control this year and the bans were province wide.) thoughts are always with those affected by these devastating fires. You can Keep up to Date on Fires Here.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Most years skiing isn’t something I get much time for, nor does the weather always cooperate but this year I got a few really great days for skiing while we were at my parents lake lot. The kids love hoping up in the front of the boat and watching us all ski.

RIP Sadie

We lost my big beautiful Sadie horse this summer, it was unfortunate, and we are still not 100% sure what happened. I had just been talking to her the evening before while out doing chores, and when I headed out in the morning to check on everything, she was laid down and already dead. It was sad, her and I did so well together as I am not the most seasoned rider she really knew what she was doing and took good care of me when we were out.


We were to ride in the HD Ride 4 a Cure this year, but when that wasn’t possible friends invited me along in their wagon, so I was still able to participate and contribute to an great cause. For more information on this disease check out Huntington’s Society of Canada   Or for more local information check out Peace Country Huntington’s Society 

I am lucky to live in a great community where we all come together to support one another and Id like to say a huge thank you to my sponsors this year as well! Thank you for supporting and sponsoring my Ride 4 a Cure!




Farm Animals

We have had a few new additions to our little farm, more baby pigs even this fall we farrowed 40 more. They are pretty darn cute! And Steve has wanted to farm cows since we moved out here all those years ago. So I finally broke down and got him a cow for his birthday, with some help of course, and she is away for another little while with the bull. So she will return hopefully bread soon!  I have always been so hesitant to go ahead with this idea because I am pretty scared of the size of them. I know lots of people would say pigs are more scary they will eat you! …

Mine are pretty mellow, they come for ear scratches and belly rubs when I am in the barn with them. They are really only in their barn pens for having babies and all other times of the year they “free range” I use that term in quotes for a few reasons, one our pigs have a very large grazing area we call their pen. it is actually a 3 large pen system where we can have them on fresh greens thru the duration of the summer and much room to wallow in the mud, hand made shelters and forest/ tree provided shelters. Even with all the space they have and the constant grain feeding they still want to explore and have more room… like room in my veggie garden! So we often find they have broken out and are hanging out in my back yard! Eeek! we continue to fix fence and move them in until they can find another spot to break out! Ah the joys of farming pigs!

The goal is that I will get out there one of these days to do some videos and barn yard tours so you can see all the animals as a part of my new VLOG   I love writing but sometimes with all the busyness that is children, activities and family its nice to do a video, plus touring around through video is nice to have a visual companion!


4 Days in the Wild and Other Rodeo Adventures

We made it to a few Rodeo’s this year, of course the main being the Teepee Creek Stampede As Steve and I are both involved with the Board and Committees. It is an amazing weekend and of course if you have never experienced it I highly recommend it! The children all love to take in the Rodeos, the Highschool rodeo in the spring was fun for them as the cowboys and cowgirls are much younger and being in the new Ag Event Center it was warm and comfortable for watching. We also headed out to the Dawson Creek Fall Fair and Rodeo where we saw lots of animals, rode rides at the midway, and saw the rodeo performance on Sunday. The kids had so much fun and I just love to see them enjoying all these events!

Wedding Time!

We Celebrated some weddings this year with some beautiful brides and handsome grooms. Most notably the marriage of Steve’s brother to his beautiful wife who I am so lucky to call my Sister in law and my children lovingly call aunty! It was an amazing day after all the practice runs all three children were there to help Aunty find Uncle, they had very important jobs and took it very seriously… either that or they were excited about the candies daddy had in his pocket! It was a jam packed day and so great!

Pig Roast

It was a fun day having a pig roast with the neighbours, we had some amazing roasters to help out and the flavour was so great!


Camping Trip with Daddy!

The Girls headed out on a camping trip with dad late this summer, they pitched a tent and slept out under the stars, on the far side of our land they hikes with a back pack to where Steve had taken all the big stuff earlier, they enjoyed s’mores,  told stories and camped out as it started to rain! in the morning they hiked back to the house for breakfast. Henry and mom stayed warm and dry in our own beds in the house, but Steve is looking forward to next year when Henry can join them, and so am I when I can sleep in!



It really has been a jam packed summer and so much fun, We are looking forward to the fall, the kids are all signed up for activities to keep us busy while the weather cools and they are really excited for that. This momma is looking forward to some structure for the fall too. Soon the garden will all be cleaned out and food put away. The pigs, cow, horses and chickens will be all settled in for the snowy months. Hope your summers were great and that you will be embracing all that the pumpkin spice season has to offer!


Good day, time for an update! 

dsc00952Well the cold weather has officially hit, the weather man keeps telling me it might warm up one more time but looking into the frost covered day I’m having a hard time
believing it!

img_0402The summer was such a busy one with so many adventures! Our garden was a huge success this year! We planted early enough to have a great crop of corn that we are img_3747still enjoying, potatoes that will last for months and so much fresh foods that I was able to can, pickle, and freeze what we need for the winter months! We are so lucky to have the space and the time to enjoy a large garden! I hope of course that next year we can keep working toward a weed free garden! We worked hard this year to keep the weeds down and they still managed to get away from us in the end but every year it’s better and better!


We certainly were busy in the barn yard too this year with the addition of our baby pigs! With two sows farrowing this summer we now have 18 babies settled in their img_4216winter pen with lots of room to run, and food to eat!  And our Three sows have a boar with them now in their pen so we should be expecting another round of babies in the spring! This is the first year we haven’t done anything extravagant with our birds, in that we simply purchased a few new chickens at a spring sale and kept our flock small and manageable! I haven’t been over run by eggs this year which has been a nice change! Although with the cool weather the slow down has been a little too much and we’ve had to seek help with our egg supply from our neighbour until the ladies started laying again! We will plan to hatch out again this spring to replace some of the birds that are slowing down or not laying anymore, I think the kids are going to love the process and seeing the new babies!!


We did some camping this season too, the lake was beautiful, and camping at Moberly is always a treat! The girls got some much needed grandma and grandpa camping in without mom and dad, and Henry had some of his first camping adventures this year!


Steve and I managed to get some time in with each other too this summer… which of course can sometimes be a challenge with three young children! But with the help of our friends and family and some great babysitters we are so lucky to have we had a few fun adventures together!

We even got an old time drive in movie date in which was very fun! The movie was Grease so at one point we were watching the drive in movie scene at the drive in movie!


Steve and I have a really great group of Friends too who we spend time with often! We have had a great many barbecues, nights out,and games nights!

img_0134We searched and searched this summer looking for a play structure that would last our family many years of play! I read a blog (I wish I could remember which so I could give it due credit) that hit the nail on the head, explaining how:

We as parents do not buy extravagant play structures and toys for our children really! They are for us, the parents!

Rightfully so after our back yard was img_0117set up for the kids to freely play, gardening and yard work became that much easier! The best part of the process was when Steve showed up at the sellers house (we purchased used from a bidding site on Facebook) they thought he would be there for days unsetting it, instead he loaded it on to a trailer with a picker truck and the kids were on it by the next day!



4 Days in the Wild and 100 Years in the Wild

There are so many wonderful reasons I love living where we do and one of them most of all is our community! Everyone comes together for one another always and I don’t think I could want for a better place to raise our family!

And for 4 days (with the hard work and dedication of the entire team of volunteers) everyone comes together to participate in the Teepee Creek Stampede! This year marked the 100th anniversary of the rodeo and even the girls joined in on the calf scramble this year! My whole family was here mom, dad, and grandma traveled and camped out, it was great for everyone to experience the togetherness of this community first hand! Steve of course did a lot of volunteering again this year and it was great to have help from our friends and family to make it possible for the kids to participate and enjoy their time too! We are looking forward to next year as both Steve and I have taken on a greater roll with the organization this year!!

It really was a wonderful summer and fall and we are looking forward to next summer when we can head out and spend time in the sunshine again!

For now though we will enjoy the snowy weather and all the adventures to come!


Painting with Toddlers!



Water, Flour, Food Coloring, Canvas (or other desired painting surface), Painter’s tape


1) Mix water and flour together until it reaches a desired consistency (I chose to make mine a little extra runny) separate into color containers and add food coloring to desired brightness!

2) Use canvas or some other painting surface and painters tape to tape off the word or design desired.

3) Go wild, we used the kitchen floor for our art space and I didn’t bother to put down plastic, the floor was slippery enough on its own! The paint doesn’t stain or stick and so was easily mopped up after. It was super fun! The girls tasted it and didn’t like it!  Many recipes I found suggested kool-aid and other yummy flavored items to color the toddler paint and I didn’t want to encourage eating the paint for when we can move to acrylics and such so putting it in their mouths was short lived and they spent most of the time focused on painting and mashing it around! I also liked that the paint colors didn’t blend well – this is a good thing with toddler paints as there is a lot of moving paint around and I find more often than not when this happens the only color left at the end of the day is a gross browny yellowy icky color and its all that you see. This paint didn’t do that, it held its own! Of course we had to run the tub after as the girls used their whole bodies to paint, feet, hands, and diapered bottoms. I will say washing the dried paint off the girls was the most challenging part of this activity but well worth it as they had so much fun and in the end my sister and I got some lovely art work we both display proudly in our homes!




Arrival of Twins

Our babies arrived happy and healthy September 19th 2014 and we have already since celebrated their first birthday – a big party with friends and family!

The end of my pregnancy went very well! I was nervous and scared to have a c-section but the risks outweighed the gains of having a natural delivery here and so looking back I’m so happy with the way it all happened!

I had an amazing doctor who was with me for my entire pregnancy from day one through delivery, and I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Side Down Week 38

The morning of the surgery I awoke to the power being out at our house!

Of course! Why not, right!

Our well water runs on an electric pump system that when it’s pressured up is just enough to have a quick shower in the dark! Or so I learned so early in the morning! The power was back on right before we left so we were able to see as we left the house and double check our bags before loading up the truck! I braided my hair knowing that lying on my back for an extended period of time with a ponytail didn’t sound fun!

When we arrived at the hospital the morning of the scheduled c-section we entered thru emergency because it was so early in the morning! My dad had made the trip to town early and met us at the hospital to give hugs before I was admitted!

Once we went through the admitting process we got ourselves set up in the room we’d be staying in for the next few days! Our nurse came in and began the process of getting me ready for surgery; our nurse was magnificent, in fact all our nurses were! So helpful, informative, and caring! I got changed into my “operation outfit!” a fantastic little garment in light blue paisley print, free flowing, and very airy! Steve in a matching blue number even managed to fit the booties over his big work boots he chose to wear that morning!

They were ready for us… We were wheeled into the surgical area and met the anesthesiologist Doctor S who settled one of my biggest fears, not remembering the birth for being too drugged up. He told me he didn’t like “groggy moms” so if I needed pain medication I could get some after but during he would just be freezing me. What a remarkable doctor! He even had time to snap some pictures in the operating room for us!

We were taken to the operating room where I pulled off what everyone in the room told me was some amazing yoga moves. Apparently the yoga classes paid off!! I leaned forward and Dr S started the freezing process. I crawled onto the operating table and the drapes were hung. Steve was brought in and the surgical procedure began!

Dr S told Steve he could stand up and tell everyone what the genders were as our babies were delivered. Steve stood and announced:

It’s a girl, as Jordan arrived! 

Then he stood again a moment later and announced:

It’s a girl, as Morgan arrived! 

            Now I have to give a disclaimer, Steve and I have chosen to respect the privacy of our children, and as such, pictures of them will not be posted until such time as they are old enough to give consent!

Jordan was wrapped up and snuggled in when Morgan arrived. Morgan took a little longer to join us cuddling because she needed a bit of oxygen to get her apgar score up! During the wait I began to panic! Steve helped keep me composed and in no time she was settled in with us and all four of us were together!

It was time for the girls and Steve to head out; I of course stayed to be sewn back together, not like I could have moved if I wanted to!! What an amazing job she did, one is barely able to tell I had the surgery!

I was taken to recovery still unable to move my legs and most of my body. While waiting for feeling to come back the recovery nurse kept asking me to lift my legs, “ah nope still can’t,” I said over and over wondering when I would be able to! My good friend and NICU nurse arrived with my babies! She received permission from her superiors to come in and assist with breastfeeding while I was in recovery! I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience. My girls were latched and eating for 20min within 45min of being in the world!

For anyone in this position if you can arrange to have your babies or baby brought to you while you are in recovery I highly recommend it!

From the time I arrived in recovery and then for the next 12 hours I threw up, constantly and violently, nothing seemed to help and although they assured me they were giving me everything they could to settle my stomach, nothing seemed to help. Finally that night I was able to keep down a ginger ale and some fruit salad!

The feeling eventually returned to my legs, although I don’t think it really took as long as it felt, lying unable to move, waiting with nothing to do, and staring at a wall while I waited to be reunited with my babies and husband was almost claustrophobic. At last I was able to lift my legs, the recovery nurse allowed me to return to my room and join my new family! Once I was situated and the floor nurses checked me over the rest of our families joined us well. There were four extremely excited Grandparents and some aunts and uncles who were eager to hold the two new bundles of joy. My friend joined us again and once more assisted the girls in latching. After that we felt confident that we could continue on our own and she headed off to Vegas! (She returned a few weeks later and with her visit brought some really cute outfits for the girls!)

We had many visitors while we were in the hospital, friends and family keen to meet the new babies, and delighted to share in our joy. My doctor checked in and was happy with my progress but I was still required to stay put until Sunday. Once my vomiting subsided I was able to get up and have a shower, ahhhhh I cannot illustrate adequately the feeling of the first shower after a surgery, one that left me bed bound unable to move for 12 hours. I was clean, I was refreshed and awake, and ready for sleep! The girls had a wonderful first night, they slept so well, and we doubled them up in one “container” better known at the hospital as a bassinet, for the two of them! Steve even got his own bed in our room; and we all got some much needed sleep that night.

The girls were put thru a battery of tests before they could leave, some were not pleasant and involved tears on all our parts, and some were quick and painless routine checks. The pediatrician made his way in and gave us the go-ahead to take them home as soon as I was discharged!


Home sweet home, we were all so pleased to get there. The drive was bumpy and felt extra rough after an operation but overall it didn’t take long before Steve was carrying our two new babies up the stairs and into our own home!

Of course I cried, I cried a lot, I cried when we left the hospital, I cried when we got home, and I cried at everything happy, sad, or in-between, for then next few months. Emotions come with the territory of being pregnant and giving birth I suppose!

We settled in, or settled down I should say, I had some hands on help for the next week or more from my mom, she stayed, and when she was about to leave I cried so she stayed a little longer! Mom’s rock! I am one now so I know this to be true!

I was lucky that Steve was able to take the first 8 weeks off to be at home with us, there were a few quick trips to the office for minor things but outside of that he was at home with us for the full period of my recovery, and then some! I needed it, I don’t think he will ever fully understand how much I needed and am grateful for his being with us for that time, even if I cried!

Of course adding two new little ones to our previously quiet home, and becoming four from two changed our lives in an instant. Although these changes all come with its challenges and nothing will be the same again I wouldn’t change any of it!