Ugly Christmas Sweater

Craft time here!

What you’ll need!

Felt sheet and marker to draw sweater pattern!

Cut out as many as you’ll need for as many who are participating!

Stuff! I raided my scrapbooking and sewing cupboard to find many things the kids could stick to their sweater!

You can use whatever you have laying around! We even used some cotton balls! This was a fun and easy project for all my kids and me too! I helped with the gluing of the things that didn’t have sticky backs to them, but older kids could likely do their own gluing!

If you are like us some winter days are just way too cold to get outside no matter how bundled you get! So we have been having fun finding new activities to work on inside and this one was a hit!

Happy crafting! 🙂

Painting with Toddlers!



Water, Flour, Food Coloring, Canvas (or other desired painting surface), Painter’s tape


1) Mix water and flour together until it reaches a desired consistency (I chose to make mine a little extra runny) separate into color containers and add food coloring to desired brightness!

2) Use canvas or some other painting surface and painters tape to tape off the word or design desired.

3) Go wild, we used the kitchen floor for our art space and I didn’t bother to put down plastic, the floor was slippery enough on its own! The paint doesn’t stain or stick and so was easily mopped up after. It was super fun! The girls tasted it and didn’t like it!  Many recipes I found suggested kool-aid and other yummy flavored items to color the toddler paint and I didn’t want to encourage eating the paint for when we can move to acrylics and such so putting it in their mouths was short lived and they spent most of the time focused on painting and mashing it around! I also liked that the paint colors didn’t blend well – this is a good thing with toddler paints as there is a lot of moving paint around and I find more often than not when this happens the only color left at the end of the day is a gross browny yellowy icky color and its all that you see. This paint didn’t do that, it held its own! Of course we had to run the tub after as the girls used their whole bodies to paint, feet, hands, and diapered bottoms. I will say washing the dried paint off the girls was the most challenging part of this activity but well worth it as they had so much fun and in the end my sister and I got some lovely art work we both display proudly in our homes!