Pumpkin Spice Season is Among us – Time for an Update.

It has been a busy and adventurous summer here on our little farm! We have been doing so many things and I can’t even believe fall is almost here! It has been an amazing summer filled with barbecues, campfires, riding, skiing, camping, rodeos, lake trips, weddings, and so much fun with family and friends.


Diamond Dinner

Early in the spring we ladies got together and headed down to the Diamond Dinner to support the Teepee Creek Stampede Queen Committee. We all got dressed up and were thoroughly entertained and fed extremely well as always from Lefty’s Cafe.


Moberly Lake

We spent time out at the lake with friends and family, taking in the sights, boat rides, skiing, limited campfires to propane (BC wildfires have been out of control this year and the bans were province wide.) thoughts are always with those affected by these devastating fires. You can Keep up to Date on Fires Here.


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Most years skiing isn’t something I get much time for, nor does the weather always cooperate but this year I got a few really great days for skiing while we were at my parents lake lot. The kids love hoping up in the front of the boat and watching us all ski.

RIP Sadie

We lost my big beautiful Sadie horse this summer, it was unfortunate, and we are still not 100% sure what happened. I had just been talking to her the evening before while out doing chores, and when I headed out in the morning to check on everything, she was laid down and already dead. It was sad, her and I did so well together as I am not the most seasoned rider she really knew what she was doing and took good care of me when we were out.


We were to ride in the HD Ride 4 a Cure this year, but when that wasn’t possible friends invited me along in their wagon, so I was still able to participate and contribute to an great cause. For more information on this disease check out Huntington’s Society of Canada   Or for more local information check out Peace Country Huntington’s Society 

I am lucky to live in a great community where we all come together to support one another and Id like to say a huge thank you to my sponsors this year as well! Thank you for supporting and sponsoring my Ride 4 a Cure!




Farm Animals

We have had a few new additions to our little farm, more baby pigs even this fall we farrowed 40 more. They are pretty darn cute! And Steve has wanted to farm cows since we moved out here all those years ago. So I finally broke down and got him a cow for his birthday, with some help of course, and she is away for another little while with the bull. So she will return hopefully bread soon!  I have always been so hesitant to go ahead with this idea because I am pretty scared of the size of them. I know lots of people would say pigs are more scary they will eat you! …

Mine are pretty mellow, they come for ear scratches and belly rubs when I am in the barn with them. They are really only in their barn pens for having babies and all other times of the year they “free range” I use that term in quotes for a few reasons, one our pigs have a very large grazing area we call their pen. it is actually a 3 large pen system where we can have them on fresh greens thru the duration of the summer and much room to wallow in the mud, hand made shelters and forest/ tree provided shelters. Even with all the space they have and the constant grain feeding they still want to explore and have more room… like room in my veggie garden! So we often find they have broken out and are hanging out in my back yard! Eeek! we continue to fix fence and move them in until they can find another spot to break out! Ah the joys of farming pigs!

The goal is that I will get out there one of these days to do some videos and barn yard tours so you can see all the animals as a part of my new VLOG   I love writing but sometimes with all the busyness that is children, activities and family its nice to do a video, plus touring around through video is nice to have a visual companion!


4 Days in the Wild and Other Rodeo Adventures

We made it to a few Rodeo’s this year, of course the main being the Teepee Creek Stampede As Steve and I are both involved with the Board and Committees. It is an amazing weekend and of course if you have never experienced it I highly recommend it! The children all love to take in the Rodeos, the Highschool rodeo in the spring was fun for them as the cowboys and cowgirls are much younger and being in the new Ag Event Center it was warm and comfortable for watching. We also headed out to the Dawson Creek Fall Fair and Rodeo where we saw lots of animals, rode rides at the midway, and saw the rodeo performance on Sunday. The kids had so much fun and I just love to see them enjoying all these events!

Wedding Time!

We Celebrated some weddings this year with some beautiful brides and handsome grooms. Most notably the marriage of Steve’s brother to his beautiful wife who I am so lucky to call my Sister in law and my children lovingly call aunty! It was an amazing day after all the practice runs all three children were there to help Aunty find Uncle, they had very important jobs and took it very seriously… either that or they were excited about the candies daddy had in his pocket! It was a jam packed day and so great!

Pig Roast

It was a fun day having a pig roast with the neighbours, we had some amazing roasters to help out and the flavour was so great!


Camping Trip with Daddy!

The Girls headed out on a camping trip with dad late this summer, they pitched a tent and slept out under the stars, on the far side of our land they hikes with a back pack to where Steve had taken all the big stuff earlier, they enjoyed s’mores,  told stories and camped out as it started to rain! in the morning they hiked back to the house for breakfast. Henry and mom stayed warm and dry in our own beds in the house, but Steve is looking forward to next year when Henry can join them, and so am I when I can sleep in!



It really has been a jam packed summer and so much fun, We are looking forward to the fall, the kids are all signed up for activities to keep us busy while the weather cools and they are really excited for that. This momma is looking forward to some structure for the fall too. Soon the garden will all be cleaned out and food put away. The pigs, cow, horses and chickens will be all settled in for the snowy months. Hope your summers were great and that you will be embracing all that the pumpkin spice season has to offer!


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