Our holidays were a wonderful celebration! The children are growing up and that makes all the magic of the season so much fun, they seem to understand more now about what is going on, every morning looking for “red” elf, making Christmas crafts, decorating, and spending time with our friends and family! 

The holiday season really was jam packed and explains why we are all feeling under the weather! 

We packed up and headed out on a few horse drawn wagon rides, one under a blanket of Christmas lights in the evening with family and friends singing Christmas carols and drinking hot chocolate by the fire after! Another with our friends  and neighbours thru the snow covered fields one afternoon enjoying company and hot chocolate as we rode! 

We traveled to my home town early in December for a Christmas celebration with my extended family, it’s such a wonderful way to split up the holidays as we have for the past few years stayed close to home for Christmas and so it’s great to make it home for the kids to play with all their cousins! It was a wonderful time, I just love to watch the girls interact now with other kids and it warms my heart to know they get to have,  although sporadic, time with their cousins! Henry doesn’t play much yet with others but he got a lot of attention and was loving it!! 

For Christmas Eve we spent our time with Steves family and nominated ourselves to cook the turkey! It was an epically large turkey and took most of the day to cook! It was so tasty, in fact the whole meal was wonderful! So great to spend that time with family!! 

Luckily for us my sister and her boyfriend, and Steves brother and his fiancé live here! Steve’s sister lives many miles away but flew home to celebrate the holidays with us! I really do feel very lucky to have family all close in proximity as well as love! We had Christmas dinner this year at my sisters, she and her boyfriend hosted the whole crew, my mom and dad, uncle and grandmother, his mom and dad, Steves mom and dad brother sister and sister in law! 

It was a wonderful and magical Holiday season but now we are in to the full swing of 2017 and I’m so excited to see what the new year has in store!!

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