The Fun Filled Last Few Weeks!

Well it has been a bit since I have posted an update, apparently the days have been flying by and with all the ongoing I have fallen behind in posting!

What excitement; again!

The chicks started peeping piping and protruding from their shells. Late Monday the 3rd when I arrived home two chicks were out of their shells and many more were moving around in the incubator. By the next morning five were hopping around chirping away! IMG_5187By the end 8 of the 20 eggs hatched, the babies were out happy and healthy as can be! So we are enjoying having the little ones finally join us! Final egg incubating for the year! That meant an enormous clean of the room that for the past months became the incubator/ brooder/ greenhouse/ bird recovery room. I learned a lot from having the birds in the house such as the awful smell that is hard to keep up with, and the mess they all make! I am looking forward to having my


green house built and running in full swing by next spring! I have now added to my design an area for incubating and brooding; I am hoping this will eliminate the

need to ever having poultry hanging out in the house again! Of course Steve who encouraged me along the

way said, “ah I knew you would learn from this” a little smug isn’t he! Oh well true I suppose!

The babies have been moved outside now and the big chicks have entered the coop with the existing residents. All the chickens are doing well in the big brooder and coop; they are growing like little weeds. In fact all the animals are thriving on the farm.


On the 6th and 7th

Cow 3

Steve and I headed out to help processand move cattle to nearby river side farm land, a location the cows will spend their summer at. I always have fun moving cows with/for friends and family!

We saddled up the horses and headed out across the fields and after many miles of chasing we made it to

the river, beautiful country and wonderful company!!

Cow 1

Cow 2

One of the neighbouring bulls decided to jump the fence and make the the trek with us so once the cows were safely locked in their summer home we turned back and chased the bull home!along the way! … One of the neighbouring bulls decided to jump the fence and make

482065_453420214682754_1414563514_n      He was a little quicker going than the group of them and Willow got to do a little running!

That weekend!

I headed off to the city for my friends bachelorette party. ED

Friday was spent out in the city and the following morning (after a tater tot breakfast) traveled to a friend’s house in a neighboring town where we went for pedicures in the afternoon and barbequed and danced all evening. And like Vegas what happened at the party stays at the party! 🙂 All fun though and so terrific to see old friends I don’t see very often, it was a wonderful weekend. By Sunday morning we had coffee and enjoyed a short visit after which I headed out on the road for the long drive home.  Arriving home rather late in the evening I met Steve at his mom and dads where we enjoyed an amazing beef roast together a delightful meal that I did not have to prepare after the long journey!


The weekend was just as eventful as ever, celebrating early my mother – in – laws 50th birthday party. We all thought for sure she was going to find out, she is sneaky like that! 🙂 But she didn’t know anything was up. Planning and preparing for the day was so much fun, Saturday morning my sister – in – law had everything designed and picked up, she was ready, and we all were ready. Friends and family traveled from far away to spend the evening with her and it was all very exciting. I headed to town to a meeting that morning and then to coffee with some friends who were in town for the weekend. That afternoon I went home, we did chores, and then after getting ready headed over to the local hall to decorate and greet guests as they arrived. Finally it was time to make the call. All went well and she was on her way, the excitement in the hall grew as everyone anxiously awaited her arrival! When she walked through the door she paused for a moment seeing the bright and shining faces of her friends and family who were yelling “surprise” and singing happy birthday, as she scanned the room she noticed good friends from far away had made the long trip to be there for her. She was so happy and in shock for the remainder of the evening! It was a great night complete with stories, songs and games!

16th  June 2013 – Happy Anniversary

A few Photos From a Year Ago!

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                          Photos by:

Steve and I have been married for 1 year and oh what a year it has been, full of exploration excitement and happiness. We spent the day together, hanging out and relaxing together at home, watching movies, eating the top of our wedding cake (which I saved last year after the wedding) and drinking a bottle of our wedding wine. We enjoyed the solitude and quiet of the day and had a fantastic time just the two of us!

And on to the Next Adventure…

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