This Week on the Farm! 

It’s been a busy week here! Steve has been working really long hard hours and the kids and I have been holding down the fort! I finally got my floors washed tonight! 

All the animals are doing well, the horses are especially loving their time out on the front lawn again! We have moved the pigs in to their pens in the barn! The piglets will be arriving soon, we are all very excited to meet he new little ones! When we got them they were already bred and so we are not 100% sure when they will have piglets but we are ready now for them whenever they decide to come! 

The chickens have been amping up their laying and we are now getting around 4 eggs per day! Prior to selling our pairs of chickens at a recent auction sale we were getting about a dozen a day! By fall I expect our new baby chicks will be laying and we should be back up to that number again. For now I’m enjoying collecting just enough for what we need in our own home! We should be getting our extra fridge back and set up by the end of the summer! Yeah! More room to store eggs, which will make it easier for collecting and storing more than what we go thru a day! 

It’s been raining for the past couple days on and off with a few sunny breaks which has allowed our garden to explode with green. Not all the green I would like to keep so once it dries up a little I’ll be heading out to remove much of he weeds that have set up camp in my pretty little garden! Our amazing neighbours stopped by this week with some huge well developed tomato plants! They are beautiful and already starting to produce fruit!! 

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