Changing seasons

Fall is here! I’ve always had some discord with this season, I never could pinpoint why until last year when I felt no fall pressure and realized that my days since I was five were spent gearing up for the busiest time of year, school and sports began in the fall! I completed my own education and then moved in to a college education! When I wasn’t in school my self I supported children who were and coached athleats who’s busy time too began in the fall! Then when I finished my education I went on to work in the post secondary world where once again the busiest time of year was fall! I never truly appreciated the season and all its beauty! Then my daughters were born and my career path changed! Causing reason to pause as the cooler weather rolled in and I have now come to love this season! It is beautiful with all the color and fragrance! Tasty harvest meals are prepared that are only possible with the changing of the season! I can now take pause and breath in the cool crisp air, sit in the glow of the fire, or watch as the leaves fall from the trees! I know that in only a few short years fall will once again be the busiest time of year with my own children starting school! I only hope that when that time comes I can remember that there is so much beauty in this season and if only for a moment take pause in breathing it all in! 

Enjoy the fall everyone, even if there is a little snow on the ground!! 

2 thoughts on “Changing seasons

  1. At first I was shocked when you said you had discord with fall because it’s my favourite time of the year. Getting cozy, going for walks and kicking the leaves. Wearing boots! Lol. Then you reminded me of what I have coming ahead! School for the little ones! This may also change my feeling about fall. But I agree fall is so beautiful!


    • Oh no… I didn’t mean to remind you of the busyness!!! I hope you can still find your fall cozy!! I sure hope that when my children start school and fall activities on a full time basis I can still remember my new found love for fall! and then even in the busyness I can cozy in to the beauty of the season!


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