IMG_5244Vera and LB (Little Black)

Vera and LB Joined us after the auction sale we attended in May 2013, they have been fitting in well on the farm and free range much of the time. They spent a total of 15 minutes in the pen before figuring out how to get out so rather than fighting with them daily or hourly to stay in we allow them to roam! They spend much of their day with the horses and have some safe places to get to out of the rain and away from the rest of the animals when they need to! They have been a great addition to the Farm!


KIDS – 18/June/2013

image-4Vera is going to Kid soon… I am getting really excited for the day it happens. She stood nice and still the other day not tied or anything for me while I held her belly and waited… finally after about 5 min baby rolled over and kicked my hand it was incredible! For the time being LB is being milked  nightly and providing about 1 1/2 – 2 Cups of milk! Right


now we are feeding the milk to the pigs and they are loving every drop of it but later on it is my intention to learn to make cheese! possibly try that out in the fall when there is a bit more time to experiment!







Both Steve and I got text messages from our friends who had been looking after our animals while we were away and who had sent us pictures of the new babies on the farm. It was pretty spectacular and of course would happen while we were away!


While I was in town Steve’s cousin from out of town stopped in for a visit with her children and they got to see the babies the little girls named them for me which is great because I have such a time figuring out names! Sera and Nina are Vera’s babies. Oh How Cute are they!


We went out to the barnyard to do chores one day and had a sad moment Nena had jumped in the water trough and drown.




We had another very sad loss … Vera was taken down by our dog and a neighbours dog who was staying with us… needless to say Dia dog spent a week in Doggy Prison (locked up in the garage) and the neighbours dog was shipped off home. It didn’t change the fact that Vera didn’t make it; she was such a great goat, great mommy too! We will miss her!



Sara survived the ordeal and after spending a week in the porch recovering (sprained her leg running away on the ice) she was good as new and the other goats were up on the deck coaxing her back out to the barn yard, they have taken her in now as one of their own and all 5 are doing well playing and learning together.


So now we have sold all our goats, we no longer have them here, and although they were a lot of fun I am happy they have gone to good homes where they can continue being pets, and we can focus on new ventures!


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