Pickling Cucumbers
Pickling Vinegar
Course Salt
Dill (if Desired)
Garlic (if Desired)

1) Clean and Sterilize jars
2) Add 1 Tbsp course salt to each jar
3) Add a few sprigs of dill and garlic (if desired)
4) Stuff in lots of cucumbers (to the top but not where they will touch the lid)
5) Pour in the brine
6) Seal the Jars with lids and set on counter with cloth over top until all the lids have popped (DO NOT PUSH THE LIDS IN THEY MAY NOT SEAL PROPERLY)

1) In a large pot bring to a boil 1part vinegar and 2 parts water

Tips and Tricks:

* Use your dishwasher on a sterilizing setting to clean and sterilize the jars.
* Or use a sterilizing agent in hot water (if your dishwasher doesn’t’ have this setting
* Use a crock pot on high setting with water to sterilize lids until ready for use.
* Store jars in a cool dark place (I use a cold room) only after the lids have popped and sealed.

* You can pickle anything this way… Eggs, Carrots, Beans, Garlic, pretty much anything you want to pickle!

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