Well The Pigs arrived. 7 of them, we intend to raise them up and sell them close to the end of August. They are living in the barn for now but once it warms up outside they will move out to a much larger area to live and play in! We are hoping to add 10 more in June or July that will be ready to go later in the fall! This photo was taken when we first got them … they are much bigger now and the pen is much “fuller!”

June 2013

image-2The Pigs have moved outside now and are loving all the space they have to run and root and play…


The Pigs did so well outside, grew so quickly and in the end tasted very good!!!

We decided to go ahead with another batch of them after the success of the first… well they have been a little slower to grow and out of the nine we started with 4-5 are ready now on the 23rd of April 2014 so we have defiantly learned our lesson about raising pigs in the winter! much slower to grow and much more costly in feed!… This will be a summer activity from now on!… Although this year with Steve heading off to school we will be taking a year off of pigs!… perhaps we will start up again next spring!


New Pig Venture.

We have begun our new journey as pig farmers and there will be many updates on this process in my ongoing blog posts! We are very excited to get started now that we have tried our hand at many different animals, raising pigs full time will be wonderful!


Pig Venture Continues!

We now have 49 pigs hanging out on our farm… its an amazing operation here!

There are 18 Feeder pigs in their outside pen, happier than ever with so much room to play!! There are three sows with their babies warm and cozy in the barn! All three farrowed one right after another so all the babies were out and will be ready to wean very soon! (we like to keep them with mom for a little extra time when we can so they get the best start). Steve was away in camp and so I had a lot of extra help from the neighbours while the babies were coming. thank goodness for such a supportive community! Im looking forward to the summer with the new pigs!! 🙂

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