We’re off to the Rodeo… and Other Weekend Adventures

Wow… what a weekend of fun filled adventures! Starting off early on Friday Steve, my sister and I headed to the Lake where my family has water front property and spent that afternoon/evening and Saturday morning with family. Dia dog made the trip with us and enjoyed her time immensely at the lake… swimming, chewing on bones and chasing squirrels!


After having lunch with my grandparents in the afternoon we drove the short distance to the lake where we relaxed in the +40° weather on the deck! My sister made a fantastic cake for my birthday that we enjoyed after a wonderful ham dinner that evening.

IMG_5347 IMG_5346

Later as the sun set and when the air was cooler we headed down to build a fire and enjoy the rest of the evening visiting and enjoying the view over the calm lake.




It was a late night so we slept in the next day waking to see the sunshine pouring over the calm waters. We had coffee with my family while we visited and enjoyed “Gran-Made” Cinnamon buns! We packed up in the late morning and headed back home to do chores and clean up.


View from the Sugar Shack!


After all the work was done Steve and I were off again … this time with my sister and her boyfriend to watch the Evenings Chuck Wagon Races at the Stompede.

The Very Large Crowd

The Very Large Crowd


The vehicles were backed up so much that what would have normally taken 10 minutes to drive took over 45min. We were a little late getting in but had good company with us and nonetheless got to see some excellent races. When the races were over we met up with some more friends and headed over to the beer gardens where Joe Diffie played a great concert. We danced and partied for the rest of the evening and early into the morning.

Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie – Concert

After the night had come to an end we headed back into town to stay at our friends place.

We woke the next morning and headed out to pick up vehicles from the rodeo grounds. After a bit of shopping we met up with Steve’s brother and his roommate, and my sister and her boyfriend for lunch. Once we finished eating we drove out (not as long of a line up this time) for the final day of Rodeo Fun. We all spent the afternoon in the grand stands taking in the action of the events and entertainment.

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During the short break between events we met up at the carnival with other friends and their children to ride the rides and watch the kids take in the whole experience.





After ordering very large burritos we all found seats together again in the grandstands for the final night of Chuck wagon racing.Before the Races began the children were called down for the Calf Scramble event; that was so fun to watch.




The races continued into the evening and we were there cheering on the local drivers and partaking in some friendly betting with our group!

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Once the races were over the crowd filed out of the large stadium and Steve and I headed home for chores and a night of good rest. We had a great weekend with all our friends and family and look forward to the next Rodeo Adventure in July!