Fit Me



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Yikes just writing the title scares me. I have decided to journal my experience on my journey to a more fit me. I realized after looking at a photo of myself recently that I have become extremely unhealthy. I discovered that the reason my ankles are aching at the end of the day and the reason my back is sore, the reason my body doesn’t move the way it used to, is because I have put on a significant amount of weight on the last while. I got busy caring for my family and not caring for myself.

Now I know this is a country living blog and that Chickens and Children are usually on the reading menu but I have discovered that this too fits here nicely… its life, life out in the country, away from the city gyms, and the conveniences of the well beaten path!

This is not about thin, this is not about unhealthy expectations, this is about being able to run and chase my children in the back yard. This is about standing on my feet all day cooking, cleaning, folding laundry (yes I do that sometimes) and not feeling the ache in my body at the end of the day. This is about my health, energy and feeling good about myself.

So what is to follow will be a series of posts journaling my exploration to a healthier me, you can still expect to see the regular ponderings, parenting, and country livin’ posts you have come to know. I will just also be incorporating thoughts on this new journey I am taking to a healthier more fit me!

I feel scared, how will I add one more aspect to my day, how will I manage to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into my day. All these challenges are to come, and something I am looking forward to working out!

I have the necessary tools, I have the knowledge as a former athlete, I have the equipment and I have a personal trainer to guide me.

So now it will be time to carve out time in my day to add in some fitness activities, healthy timely eating and find alternatives to wine Eeek!

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