Viva Las Vegas

It has been years, I literally mean it years since my husband and I have taken a vacation! The last one the two of us took together, like on a plane and out of this country was back when we first said I love you! I know romantic right? On a beach in the moon light, right before his goofy self thought it a good idea to run out into the ocean fully clothed! ( the beach patrol would have thought better of this idea had they caught us) but nonetheless it was a beautiful vacation to Cuba (2009) with sun and sand and too many drinks to count!


And then…. Petslivestock, kids, a house, career changes, and too many life events to count happened. I wondered if we even liked traveling with each other?

My passport had expired before our wedding and I just never had a reason to renew it! Well this past December I finally did! We finally booked another holiday. Las Vegas for the national finals rodeo!

It was going to be a lot of work to make this holiday happen in December. It’s a little more to navigate when I’m planning child care, packing for all three kids, and myself, and making sure Christmas is all lined up! But all that work was worth the holiday!

Thanks to my awesome sister, child care was a breeze, and the easiest thing to figure out!… Not to mention my mom and dad making it work to help out getting the kids to my families annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange! The kids had a great time and were busy the whole time we were gone! I wonder still if they even knew we left!

Off we headed early early early in the morning … I mean I was up to get ready at 2:30am to make it to the airport on time!


And then we were off! Napping most of the way there, I was happy we got there so early though! After checking into our hotel we were able to start walking! And we walked and walked and walked! I’m pretty certain that Steve can walk upwards of 10K/Hr Eeekk! We ate some great food saw some amazing performances, and gambled a little! I spent and lost a total of $6.00 I’m a big spender!! I wont go into the details of Steve’s gambling wins and losses!!


I think the whole city was geared up for rodeo I didn’t turn a corner without seeing a cowboy hat or boots! We headed to south point to watch team roping!IMG_5092.JPG It was amazing! everything ran so smooth and each run flowed into the next the entertainment just kept going the whole event thru it was amazing and the cowboys, cowgirls, and their horses put on an amazing show!


We ate – after a long and sketchy walk in 3 inch heals (because I thought it was okay IMG_5124to get dressed up fancy one night!) thru a very questionable neighbourhood the first night there to the top of the world restaurant at the Stratosphere! Now the views were spectacular, the menu however was not as worth the journey. For the prices I expected a slightly broader menu choice and was not overly thrilled with the flavour. I certainly would recommend the experience of the rotating restaurant but perhaps for a drink and appetizer rather than the full meal.


Our Views from our room were amazing also, and so when we made the Journey back (in the right direction this time). After dinner we watched the fountain show at the Bellagio from the comfort of our room at the Flamingo, with my very sore feet elevated!IMG_5110.JPG

We checked out the bull fighters only event! IMG_5190.JPGThe way those bull fighters can move is phenomenal! The footwork was so impressive and the venue was so neat! An arena built up in a tent in a parking lot on the strip! The rollaway bleachers all made it so fun and exciting to be so close to the action!


The Main Event! IMG_5196.JPGWe were both super excited to attend the NFR, the entire show was run so well! It was IMG_5203.JPGsomething we would do again. The runs those cowboys and cowgirls make are so fast, and right up close like that just made it so thrilling. We were lucky to have a couple from Texas sitting behind us who were avid goers to the NFR and they were so great to visit with, and enjoy the show with!




We Checked out Cowboy Christmas at the Convention Center, where we could have spent days walking thru the vendor booths, spending way too much money. As it was we spent half a day there and by the end of the crowds and hike I was ready to put my feet up and enjoy a beverage or two! IMG_5281.JPG


We also checked out a  cirque du soleil IMG_5297.JPGshow too, “O” I’ve wanted to see it for quite some time now and I was so happy we went! It was spectacular, the athleticism of the

IMG_5310 performers was astonishing! The timing needed to put something like this on is miraculous! When I think about all the moving parts of this production and all the behind the scenes pieces that work together to put something of this magnitude together it just blows my mind! I highly recommend “O” if you are looking for a show to truly dazzle!

On our last night there we headed to Fremont street where we found this amazing little restaurant, Hugos Celler.IMG_5346 It was one of the best meals we had while we were there! Our meal was amazing and the service was amazing. I cannot recommend this place enough!

IMG_5349.JPGThe Street itself is such a fun experience. We toured around, had some frozen cocktails, and took in the overhead show!




Las Vegas was so much fun. I feel really lucky to have the support for my children in order for Steve and I to have taken such a fun holiday, and a much needed adult time out. I hope we will get some time again to vacation again, but it was nice to get home and snuggle my babies again!

– A

For Anyone Interested –  VIDEO Is HERE

Saturday Ride

Well it was a fabulous day… I don’t have any pictures to show for it but I am hoping that tomorrow I will get some good ones! I left the farm in Steve’s capable hands for the night and headed out on a riding adventure with his aunt and uncle on some land his uncle grazes cows on! Steve has to work for the weekend and as I am on vacation he encouraged me to go along on this wonderful trip!

We loaded the horses this morning and left the farm early ( able to do so because his aunt and uncle stayed the night before in their trailer in our yard!) When we arrived we saddled up the horses and headed out on the land… Glad to have them with me or I would have been lost off the get go! With two successful river crossings and a beautiful view for lunch on the bank we spent the day in the sun and then down pour of rain together having a fantastic time!!!

Not all fun and games this trip though, it is about the cows and making sure they are all where they are suppose to be and have what they need! Today we hauled salt to them. Tomorrow is another day and we will be out again with them! This time moving them to new locations! I am hoping with no river crossings or major danger of losing my camera I will be able to get some good shots of the events tomorrow has in store for us!

Always a great time is had out here and I look forward to what is to come tomorrow!