Seafood Feast

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The last time we got together with our neighbours was a great time. Of course getting together with everyone when we can is always fun, we have a lot of great laughs and always seem to stay up way too late enjoying a few beverages but this time we filed our bellies with tasty seafood too. Jen makes an amazing spread. She cooks up all the seafood, the crawfish, shrimp, crab, and lobster, she mixes it all together with veggies like corn, mushrooms, potatoes, and carrots. sprinkles on the pomegranate and squeezes out the lemon. Then she places a candle in the middle of it all laid out on the table and we dig in. This is a meal we all look forward to her making. It is so much work for her but the attention to detail is amazing right down to the desert that of course none of us are hungry for but can’t say no to! Even full of food we all look forward to the next time she makes it again!

March “Garden” Tour!

Check out the March Tour! Not much to see but snowflakes around here… but we are doing our best!


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Spring Fever?

Its March, I think that’s really all I need to say for anyone who lives in Canada… March weather is unpredictable, its mean, its windy, snowy, rainy, and cold, then sunny, melting, muddy and messy. And then it starts all over again. It’s in like a lion and out like a lion there is no lamb, unless you raise them and they have started to arrive!


So I fill my house with flowers, and plants that bring spring feelings right to my eyes and nose. And we choose to get excited about things like the holiday up coming where we get to spend time with our friends and family. And we wait for the Mean Month March to be behind us and Spring to really arrive! So for now Happy “Spring” wherever you are and whatever the weather may be!


Arizona Family, Friends & New Friends

For any of my readers who also want to live vicariously thru my parents travel adventures!! Check out Moms latest Blog!

Our Travel Blog

We drove from Winslow to Tonapah the next day. We stayed with my husband’s cousin and his wife for a couple of nights. It was great to exchange the snow, ice and wind for the warmth and family in the Arizona Desert! We met one of their friends which care takes over the summer months, and found him to be a wonderful story teller. Having spend time in Vietnam during the war I had many questions, that were answered with    “ he’s been there” opinions, and was just mesmerized by his stories of the not only the war, but his life in the Arizona Desert!   Our second day in Tonopah was not hot by any means, but warmer than home. The rain sprinkled, so they said, but I felt maybe two drops! Watching the goats and chickens were great, just basically free range, and they do get into some predicaments…

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Community Hearts

For anyone who follows me on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pintrest you know that last weekend we spent our time helping to put on the 2nd Annual Teepee Creek PBR Classic Presented by Lyons Production Services with Alpha Bull.

It was a blast; we worked hard with an amazing group of volunteers from the community who came together to pull the night off with rave reviews. We filled the building; the crowd watched the amazing show and then danced the night away to the live entertainment. The set up and take down of the entire show was all thanks to the hard work of a community full of people who can do amazing things.

PBR Set Up

But that is how we do things here. Events like this one and the Teepee Creek Stampede can’t come together without those volunteers, without the sponsors, and without the heart that lives in this community I am so happy to call home, this community I am so lucky to raise my family in.

And so I talk now about something else that is near and dear to the heart of this community. An event I have been proud to participate in and support for the last few years.

The Annual HD Ride 4 a Cure.

“One in every 7,000 Canadians has HD, a devastating, degenerative brain disorder. The symptoms are like having Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS in one disease. Every child of a parent with HD has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease. There is currently no cure.”

Our community comes together every year to support this organization, by hosting the Ride 4 a Cure. Runners, hikers, walkers, wagons, and horses head out on the trail completing 10-20 KM’s after campaigning for pledges for months leading up to the event itself. Followed by a dinner and auction event, where those from our area, and our families from afar donate items to the silent and live auctions.

Huntington Info Graphic

This August I will once again saddle up and ride the trail in support of this amazing cause. My donation website HERE is where you can help too, if you are interested in donating to support further research, and support to those effected by HD.

“To date, there are no drugs to slow or stop the progression of Huntington disease; however, there are specific drugs available to reduce some of the symptoms. Research is being conducted in Canada and globally to find promising treatments and approaches to treating HD.”


There are other options also to support like the Amaryllis Campaign, (you can watch my Amaryllis Video HERE,


Visit the WEBSITE for more information, on how to get involved or support.

Huntington Society of Canada

151 Fredrick St, Suite 400

Kitchener, ON N2H 2M2

P: 1.800.998.7398 F: 519.749.8965



As I say with anything you choose to support, make sure you do your research too. For me it is important to know that the dollars I am raising thru pledges, and donating myself are going to supporting those effected and their families, particularly in this case, that it is going to research to find a cure for this damaging disease. I hold likeness to any organization I choose to support. So I say again look at where your dollars are going if you are choosing to support something and make sure it lines up with your passions and priorities!



Liebster Award – Discover new Blogs


I am extremely honoured to have been nominated for the 2018 Liebster Award. I thank Brittany over at Dog Tags Dolls & Dinosaurs for the Nomination. Brittany is a (mostly) stay-at-home momma of two littles, two fur babies, and a proud Marine wife to her sweet hubby who she has been blessed to know half her life.

As for me, 2018 marked my jump into full time blogging, I was writing extremely sporadically for a little while but decided this was it; I wanted it to be something I could do much more consistently. So I set out to write more often and I have to say that the process has been helpful in so many ways. I love writing; it is an outlet for so many emotions and thoughts.

I have had a journal since I was in grade 3 when my grandmother gave it to me for my birthday. At that time I wrote things about my friendships, sleepovers and daily things that came up and were important to me. No body read it so I could write anything! As time went on so did my writing, I kept a Journal or Diary for the rest of my life, I still do now, although now its less journaling and more private thoughts and emotions that I cant share or am not ready to share here! Since my children were born I began journaling for them. 1st times trying or doing new things, funny things they have done and said, mostly letters and notes to them as they grow, these books I will leave to them when they are all grown up, kind of a keepsake of their lives thru my eyes.

So my blog really has become a way to share with others who might be in the same place as I am, others who can know they are not alone if they are experiencing something similar to me, things they can look up and read, have a laugh at or try out a recipe I have tried. I blog to share with my friends and family who are so far away what is happening in our lives because sometimes it is difficult to connect individually all the time! I blog about life on my little farm with my family because it is real, it is my everyday, and it is special to me. We are busy here we have so many things on the go and if someone else can connect to my material and find enjoyment in it I am happy.

10 Random Facts About Me:

  • I am a mom to three-year-old twin girls and a two year old boy yes they are close in age – 16 months apart, yes this was planned, yes I am busy, yes I love it – not every minute but most of it!
  • I love wine! See the Point above Nuff said!
  • I believe in reading, reading to our children, reading to ourselves, and reading about anything and everything that interests us. I feel strongly that when you read you grow, I love watching my children “read” now it melts my heart when my son flips thru a book reciting lines he remembers from the time I have spent reading to him, it is one of the most amazing things to watch.
  • I am a wife to an amazing man, who encouraged the move from the city to the farm and I wouldn’t want it any other way, even on the days I complain about the snow, or mud.
  • I love my chickens; they were the first “farm” animals I wanted when we arrived on our little farm.
  • I have always loved Photography although have never pursued it to learn more or make anything of it other than filling albums of my children and our lives. I find the art of photography fascinating and beautiful.
  • I worked at a community college for years after graduating with my Disability and Community Support Diploma before leaving to pursue motherhood and family life on our farm.
  • I was a figure skater most of my childhood life, meeting many of my closest friends and learning more about life than skating sometimes! I believe active children learn more than just the sport they are involved in, extra curricular activities are important parts of being a child, and growing up with balance whatever that activity might be!
  • I am actively involved in our small community, because I believe in the power of a community, a community that comes together and accomplishes amazing things. I believe giving of my time teaches children to think of the big picture, the world and other people around them. We can go nowhere alone, everything we do in life we do thru and with other people.
  • I have amazing family and friends who are my support system. I only hope I am as supportive to them as they are to me!


Questions I Was Asked.

1) What is the number one thing to do on your bucket list?

Travel to Greece. I have always wanted to see the amazing architecture colors and beautiful sunsets. Not to mention the food! I would eat and eat the whole time I think! Oh and own a Ford Mustang Convertible, I don’t know why? My cousin owned a mustang in highschool it was his car I learned to drive standard on and I think I just have always had a connection to that car! Especially because it managed to keep us alive thru some pretty precarious situations!

2) If you could only have two functional senses (touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing) of your choice, which would you choose & why?

Sight for sure, watching the world around me, my family, the farm, the garden grow, is so important to me. I have pondered the loss of sight previously and feel strongly that it would be the hardest of all to lose. And taste, I love food too much to give that up, given the choice!

3) If you were extremely athletically talented & could play any sport of your choosing what would it be and why?

I would figure skate, really, I did for my entire childhood and so although I wasn’t extreme enough to land me at the Olympics or anything I still have such a love for the sport! And do some coaching still so I can keep my skates on my feet and help the local kids get involved in the sport too!

4) What is your favorite bible verse or quote? Do you have a special connection to it? If so, explain.

As I am not religious nor have I read the bible I feel it would be unfair of me to answer this question or “google” a good quote to amp up the answers to my questions so here I will leave this answerless!

5) Hypothetical scenario…’The Walking Dead’ has become real life. The zombie apocalypse has commenced. You must do anything to survive. What is your weapon of choice & why?

I am thinking along the lines of a baseball bat, striking the zombie like a t-ball and watching its head roll!? Morbid Eeek!

6) What languages can you speak OR which would you like to learn to speak?

I speak only English, however have always thought Italian was such a beautiful Language. Spanish as well is something that I have often thought I would like to learn!

7) What is your favorite part about being a momma? If you are not yet a momma, what do you most look forward to when you think about motherhood? & if you do not want kiddos or don’t see yourself having children, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being a mother to three children Twins Daughters 3 and a Son 2 there are so many things that are my favorite. The snuggles, the hugs, the paintings and pictures of fridge worthy artwork. The pride I feel watching them learn a new skill. The excitement when we talk about the things to come. Motherhood is tough most of the time but these things these moments make it all worth it! It’s a love that is indescribable!

8) What is one thing/moment that has happened in your life that you would want to relive?

There are many things I would want to do again for a second time, but relive I don’t know that I could pick anything. I have always been of the mindset that the experiences I have had in life have guided me to where I am now; I wouldn’t want to re live to change anything.

9) You just won the lottery! What’s the first thing you buy?

A Plane Ticket (well if that lottery is a large sum!) I would head off to a remote location with my family to make a plan! … oh geeze is that boring?! I’ve dreamed about all that I would do if I won millions, but practically and actually I would need to step away for a minute to collect my thoughts if that actually ever happened!

10) If you had to live out of the country for a year, where would it be?

Greece, I would spend a year touring, eating, learning, and writing.

11) You have officially been cast in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Dorothy is strolling down the yellow brick road and comes across the scarecrow (in search of a brain), the tin man (in search of a heart), and a lion (in search of courage). Then she finds you! What are you in search of? What do you seek most in life?

Happiness. Not that I feel I am missing it per-se but its nice to find things that bring a smile to our faces, light to our hearts and calm to out lives. So if she’s the girl, Dorothy can help point those things out to me any time, it’s always nice to find new perspective!

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Questions, should you choose to accept to those I have nominated are:

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2) Have you ever watched the cloud and imagined it to form some shape?

3) What is the story behind your blog and how did it get its name?

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9) What’s the youngest memory you have of your past?

10) If you could visit a fantasy land from one of your favourite films, TV shows or books where would you pick?

11) Is there a quote you strive to live by?

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Fit Me



DreamPlan Do (1).jpg

Yikes just writing the title scares me. I have decided to journal my experience on my journey to a more fit me. I realized after looking at a photo of myself recently that I have become extremely unhealthy. I discovered that the reason my ankles are aching at the end of the day and the reason my back is sore, the reason my body doesn’t move the way it used to, is because I have put on a significant amount of weight on the last while. I got busy caring for my family and not caring for myself.

Now I know this is a country living blog and that Chickens and Children are usually on the reading menu but I have discovered that this too fits here nicely… its life, life out in the country, away from the city gyms, and the conveniences of the well beaten path!

This is not about thin, this is not about unhealthy expectations, this is about being able to run and chase my children in the back yard. This is about standing on my feet all day cooking, cleaning, folding laundry (yes I do that sometimes) and not feeling the ache in my body at the end of the day. This is about my health, energy and feeling good about myself.

So what is to follow will be a series of posts journaling my exploration to a healthier me, you can still expect to see the regular ponderings, parenting, and country livin’ posts you have come to know. I will just also be incorporating thoughts on this new journey I am taking to a healthier more fit me!

I feel scared, how will I add one more aspect to my day, how will I manage to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into my day. All these challenges are to come, and something I am looking forward to working out!

I have the necessary tools, I have the knowledge as a former athlete, I have the equipment and I have a personal trainer to guide me.

So now it will be time to carve out time in my day to add in some fitness activities, healthy timely eating and find alternatives to wine Eeek!

If you want to see more ramblings on the topic check THIS out!